Im sorry, but Quinton's chick was

hurt. He's a great guy and all, but she was hurt man. With his fortune and fame, he can do better for sure imo.

maybe she is very nice

She's a superfreak in bed, maybe?

Or maybe...Just maybe....He likes her as a person, and not a piece of meat.

Did you see the look on her face when Chuck was mentioning him and she was like, aint you gonna go up there? LOL.

Shows the average class of some UG posters here I guess, you got money, you got fame, go change your old lady for someone who's hotter and slutter. Oh and the time when you lose a match, go blame your loss to the new ass you got...


Its always funny to hear how critical guys are of us girls.... I'm guessing that none of the people who are putting Rampage's girlfriend down look like Brad Pitt.... The worst looking guys still think that they should be dating supermodels....and for ONCE I read a post from YourFather that I agree with

"I'm sure that he could own many women, but the one that doesn't drive him f'ing crazy is probably the best choice."

True words indeed

She wasn't the good type of asian hot. But that's his biz, not mine.

jjgirl....are the dishes finished?

Why do u even give a fk? It's his female and not urs!

I liked her!



that woman with rampage was very cute beefy asian girls rule

Andrew BJJ= small dickhead.

His girlfriend is none of you business.


Remember the camera adds about 10 pounds, so I'd say she's just about perfect.

I love me a woman who can dvour a cheesesteak in simlar fashion to myself

Sexist asshole.

i thought she was hot