I'm sorry, but Tito cannot be trusted.

After he made that stuff up about Chuck's alcohol addiction, I am having a hard time buying his story about JJ.

We should all be supporting JJ. Just because the "Titomaniacs" are holding onto the past, doesn't make their hero innocent.

Never believe a guy who has blonde hair on purpose.

Fuck all of you who assume Tito is guilty without proof. A woman can claim abuse and a guy is assumed to be guilty. Unfortunately for women who are abused there are just as many who make false claims. I pity those who are abused and wish them the best, but just because you are blamed for something doesn't mean you actually did it.

Domestic Violence is Deplorable, HOWEVER...

Judgement should be based on Facts not Speculation...

AND most victims of DV do not jump at a PR moment in front of their house, holding their child, and smiling at all the razzi while they take pictures...

Guilty BEFORE proven Innocent???

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