Im Sorry I Failed Everyone@TKO26

Hey everybody Greg Compton here

I just wanted to apologize to all my trainers and friends who helped me train for TKO 26 and continue to help me cope with this brutual KO loss. If I disappointed anyone who expected more from me Im sorry, I just wasnt myself Friday night and froze up with fear. My body was in the ring but my mind and heart ran up the ramp and hid in the dressing room.

First all the fighters at Gladiator Grappling.Corey Macdonald, Rob Wynne, Ryan Gabourie and Scott Arnold Im sorry I choked and didnt listen to you all in regards to being calm and following a game plan. Corey always says in MMA it only takes one shot to change a fight and thats why the hands should stay up.. Im finally now paying the price.

Ben Meirles, Wade Shanley, Sean Ragnitz, Jamie Helmer and the whole crew from Ronin's MMA in Ottawa, thanks for always being there to tweak my many weak spots and polishing my game. Im sorry despite all the effort you put into helping me I didnt get to show any technichal skills. Next time will be different. Much love guys, I'll be down soon to help you train for Apex and plan the future. Wade no longer can I tease you so mercilessly without rebuttal thanks to Friday nights faceplant.

Defiantely a big thanks to Shawn Tompkins and the entire team, Sam Stout, Mark Hominick, Chris Horodecki, James Woods and everyone Im forgetting for every TKO always welcoming me into your group and making me feel like a a member of your team for 3 days. Thanks to Shawn for the hug and kind words backstage and reassurance that everyone who fights gets caught eventually, If anything you ever need please dont hesitate to call, I'll be there.

Lastly but certainly not least I must thank and congratulate Stephane Dube. Please know I didnt train lightly or undersestimate you at all in my preparation. I trained harder for Friday night then any fight in my life. You showed what 30 plus years in the martial arts can do and also brought class and sportsmanship to the fight from the interviews Wednesday night right through to the next day here on the forum.

Your level of conditioning and skill at 40 years of age is amazing, truly awe inspiring. The kick that dropped me I never saw and the left hook that KO'd me I dont remember. Awesome power and great technique.

To everyone else thanks for the kind words and I'll see you all back in the ring in the fall. For now Im focusing on a back up plan of becoming a professional bass fisherman and paintball player LOL

PS thanks to Freddie DeFreitas for great pics and doing a long winded interview with me.

All the best

Greg "StraightOutta" Compton

You'll be back better next time Greg!

Straight Outta Compton is officially my favourite fighter.

Can't wait to see you fight again.

WTF are you talking about?!

We love to see you fight!


your the man bro. i luv watching you fight, hope u get a chance to come down to london and train at tompkins with us soon, you definately got a place to stay. u just let me know.

im not gonna lie, i underestimated dube, i had never seen him fight and just always thought u were gonna win. this sport is so amazing in that on any given night any opponent can win.

u didnt dissapoint me, ive never got in the ring for mma yet and u inspire me. remember you beat one of the top stars in tko david parizeau and u fought 10 lbs over your weight too. so quit being hard on yourself

OH i james woods? i hope u mean woodrow james!!!!!!!


TTT for mr straight outta compton

greg compton you are a a very good martial artist and a darn swell human being , go catch big fat fish , shoot your friends repeatedly and keep training . you are a gladiator darn it . (plus there is more tikki buffet waiting to be eaten) . good fight and nice post . peace

Getting in a ring or in a cage to fight, win or lose is never consider a fail... ever !! You'll be back Greg, it was nice chatting with you after your fight, get some rest and you'll be back i'm pretty sure.

Wood is right, you have tons of friends in London you can stay with when you come to train. My door is always open to you.

Worst thread title ever....

Bro you lost a fight, you didn't fail anyone. Get your ass back in there, it is where you belong.

You're an exciting fighter to watch regardless and people will cheer for you no matter what.

Don't think for a second though that I will go easy on you when we get together to eat chicken wings and drink beer... That's my house baby...


I know Tae Kwon Do. I would suggest more high kicks.
They always work for me.
Good luck in your next fight.

Greg, Change the title of your thread.. it was not your night. You are a great fighter and an amazing person.

CrazyHook and I are considering your application for Doerksen security!


You need to relax man.. a loss is not the end of the world. The basic function of a FIGHTER is to FIGHT so you need to be prepared for any eventuality when u step in the ring. Two guys go in the ring and fight only one can win.

Dube is super tough and training with some very good people so its no shame taking a loss to him just keep training and try to come back harder.


Hi Greg,

Part of fighting is coming in second place now and then. I hope you remember what I said to you after the fight...I look forward to seeing you in there again soon!


Finally you reckognize "Straight Outta" fits you.

The only failure in this whole thing is your failure to realize that it takes guts, determination, training, skills, and some crazyness from all you guys who step in the ring and put it on the line.

Congrats are always in order for everyone who steps into the ring, win,lose or draw,

Greg, you are a fighter. In the same way your opponent should not feel shame for losing to you, you should not feel shame when you in turn lose. You win some, you lose some. That is just the nature of the game.


Ronin MMA

JHR is right, horrible title, you have no reason to be sorry or apologize to anyone. Everybody loses, what's important is the lessons you take from this and what you do with that knowledge.

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