I'm Sorry... K-1 = Poo

I tried to get into it - a kind of fix between MMA PPVs, if you will, but I just can't.

K-1 is like MMA-lite. It doesn't seem to offer anything better than MMA does. The grappling is mostly no good (how can it be with those gloves). The striking I can't say is more exciting, either.


I would have bought Dynamite too if it was on PPV but I'm done buying K1 kickboxing shows after two lame GPs in a row. It's not a Grand Prix when you don't have the best in the tournament.

lame show. The only good match was Masato vs KID. And to think it doubled PRIDE ratings when going head to head.

Ahem..... k1 max is where its at.

I love K1.. but MMA is 10X better

No longer a fan of K-1. K-1 Max is good, but its not on pay per view, right? So, I will never buy another K-1 pay per view unless Mike Tyson fights Inoki.

I like K-1.Some of the new blood in there is legit and they are great fighters.Ignashov has devastating kicks and he is an up and comer in K-1.He will be the future of K-1.Mushashi is the biggest hold up for K-1 IMO.He fights for decisions and hardly ever has an exciting fight.