I'm STILL a Lions fan

and yes, I will renew my season tickets next year.

*puts bag over head*

lol......true fan......the only way to be.....my boys were weak as hell for a long time too, you just have to ride it out

Unforunately you got Marrucii

I'm also a Lions fan.

And I'll still watch them and cheer for them every Sunday.

Millen has to go.


Mark is correct.


Where are your seats? I am in the lower level, in the corner, 14th row. Right on the other side of the endzone where the teams come out.



I'm in the upper level, west end zone, seven rows back. I'm right between the goal posts.

Raiders 13

Lions 23



I'm under you in the lower bowl, just around the corner.


Hey Mark,

You gonna be at RAW DAWGS tailgate on turkey day?

I haven't been invited yet.


ttt for the Lions kicking ass.


Chiefs, Panthers on the road, and Rams at home to finish the season.

This could get ugly. :-(

sorry for you

Don't be sorry! Their day will come.... hopefully!

as a 49ers fan..I feel sorry u got stuck with coach marrucci

Why didn't you feel sorry when we got stuck with Marty!

Don't hate.

Rams got spanked


victories over the Pack and Rams. Too bad we only won 3 other games all year!