That's right, I still am. No amount of losses will change the fact that he's still my favorite fighter, he's still my mentor, he's still my idol, and he's still my bestest buddy in the whole wide world!!! I put him right above Shane Mosley and Strawberry cheesecake!!!

No amount of pussies claiming he is overrated or he took a dive after 1 loss will change that fact. No amount of fairweather fans jumping off his bandwagon after 1 loss will change that fact.

You guys can bash me all you want for being his biggest fan, call me a jockrider, a cocksmoker whatever and that's fine. But if you talk about Yves then a picture is worth a thousand words...


The train has plenty of room left on it since the fairweather fans jumped off. So hop on if you're a real fan!!!

i'll always be a yves fan. but he sure got tooled last night.

I'm still a Yves fan to TRJ

Why would you stop being his fan over one loss anyways? Get real man.

they just need to put him back against Franca. He'll be fine.

i wanna see Yves and Gurgel fight.

Ask some people on this forum why they hop bandwagons after 1 loss...

1 loss wont define my opinion of a fighter

i will always be a Yves fan, because i enjoy watching him fight and i like the way he carries himself inside and out of the cage/ring

TTT for Yves Edwards

Yves lost to Canadas best kept secret IMO... There is no shame in losing a fight like that. Yves is a solid fighter, and a lot to give in terms of fights!!!

yves took hansen to a close desxcision, he will be back

Yves is awesome. I was suprised and sad to see him lose last night, but I imagine he will come back.

I think there are some fighters who's fan base rises and fals with every fight. Tank, Baroni,and a few others have a lot of fairweather fans. On the other hand you have guys who have fans win or lose. Jens Pulver is one. Royce.A few others. I think Yves is on that list, I'll watch him fight anybody. Mark fought a good fight,Yves lack of triangle defense is a mystery to me, and yes,TRJ does have a very long neck. But none of this makes me less of Yves fan. I look forward to his next challenge, because he won't likely be fighting a can.

Giving TRJ shit for being the lead supporter of a fighter he knows is just stupid.

ttt for YVES!!

You know, I can just see Yves' train truckin' along and Hominick and crew zipping all around it like shriners in their little shriner's cars.

Woot woot!

Yves is the man I was sad to see him lose

lol @ dougie

Thanks for your input kkm

most people hop on a train to get to a destination ... yves train is going

kop said it best, he loses to the best fighters in his biggest matches.

But you're still a fuckass, hunglikea3yearoldboy

Just like he lost to Hermes and Josh?