Im Stuck

I am at a job below my skill set and drive.

Every job I have ever had from day one I refer to that place of business as 'my company.'

On or off the clock I am constantly trying to grow the business.

My SMB boss cries about payroll when he doesn't even know what it is because he won't let me collect the data for him, but I still will work an 18 hour day and not ask for OT (in California) because I believe his rhetoric.

TLDR; You just won't find a better salesman, customer service rep, managerm, risk analyzer and problem solver than me.

I've always told myself I am the top salesman at my company(well because I prove it) and once I inveitably become Sales Manager I produce #1 salesman.

Look I am passed that now, I am passed punching a clock. If my hourly/monthly paycheck is a measely 2k I am making sure to generate at least four times that in revenue. Besides all the little day to day MOD(manager on duty tasks) like HR, and limiting exposure.

So I have befriended a few people now, one guy is a VP of a major plastics/foam manufacturer (+12mil annual rev) looking into breaking into another market. Came to me, liked my style offered me a position to create an entire market for these foam rollers. He gives me them at cost(because they are basically throw aways for their man manufacutinrg business). Next step??? Create the market for these foam rollers? Or do I just copy what is out there and undercut their price which I can easily do by 40% based off his initial numbers.

Now I got another guy who wants me to start up an entire side business on top of his regular business annual revenue of about 4 mil. He wants me to create basically an e-commerce solution, a warehouse with the latest tech to sort and organize parts. Basically a specialized amazon.


Right now, this current employer has "taken advantage" of my passion, pride, dedication, and skill set. I grew his business 20% in two years which roughly in dollars translates to an extra $15k a month in gross revenue. He pays me $14 an hour and I don't even charge him overtime.


What's wrong with me, and what should I do. I have two potential great opportunites to finally move to the next step. Looks like one (foam rollers) I would need to create the market and sell thousands of units. The other I start up a complete new enterprise piggy backing off a completely succesfull business.


I don't know if you need more details but I am stuck and I haven't made this little bit of money since I was 19. Something has to change, what do you think? I am just not sure how to make the most of these opportunities and flesh these guys out to make sure they are real.


Right now I currently manage a gym with monthly gross of 70k on avg. My biggest problem besides pay(see above) is I am a quick learner and after about 2 years I'm done. I've learned everything, made all the improvements I can see for the company and I am ready to move on and learn something new(the juiciest thing).

Any ideas? Advice?


Does my post make sense? Sorry I just worked another 16 hour day, and no as stupid as it is I do not charge my boss OT..(even tho he is violating the law) It's complicated because I passionately care about my gym and my clients and the service they get and I know it won't work with me putting in the normal 40hours so I just do what I have to do. Yea also, even tho he makes 10 or 20x I do, I know his taxes are probably astronimical and he takes all the financial risk to have the business etc.. so I am torn. /vent