I'm teaching tommys gym costa mesa

I just started teaching class at Tommys Gym in Costa Mesa, Ca. It has some new guys to the game and a couple heavyweight westlers. I would like to invite anyone to come and have fun.Class is tuesday and thursday 8:00 p.m. till 9 or 10. No politics involved just guys training for fun


Give me a month, I got your #. Congrats on the new gig.

btw- Tommy's gym need any PT's?

BYE-BYE Kitty Cat!! Good luck! Costa Mesa? Ouch! lol

hey abe...
good to hear you're teaching again...
we all miss you down here in hawaii...
hope all is well with you...

abe's a great guy and one of the first in the grappling community to befriend me when i moved back to hawaii...
any gym that gets him is lucky...

Wassup Abe, I was wondering why I don't see you at Kahala anymore, lol.

You been able to surf up there too ? We used to have a T&C Surf wholesale distruibution warehouse up there...bummers, lol.

Abe is one of the best grapplers pound for pound. He got his BJJ Brown Belt from Baret Yoshida, and you guys all know how technical he is.

Andy Wang/
Taipei BJJ Academy

thanks everyone and stop by if your in the neighborhood



hey abe, did you call me a few months ago? you were looking for some places to train at around orange county?

doggxo I was just loking for different places to train if you know any let me know

www.Fightschool.com is a good school in costa mesa if you want to train mma. the instructor is Todd Medina.

shoot me an email bro at duckincali@netzero.com

What HMCWolv said!

Can I get the e-mail for Abe?
If you seen this can you e-mail me at RMOVideo@hotmail.com


Abe - email me.


my email is backchoke@yahoo.com or call me 808-779-7404 ABE RODRIGUEZ

TJ need any 155lb fighters? I can fight