Im thinking about the Navy

Im thinking about joing the navy because i bored as fuck at home, Is the navy good and will I travel alot which i want. Tell me what is the navy life like

The Navy has excellent schools, make sure you get one
in your enlistment agreement. All the benefits are the
same as the other services. Navy life is a lot like a
job when you are on shore duty, except for the fact
that you are subject to the UCMJ and have to follow
orders, etc. When you are on sea duty you will have to
live in close quarters with little privacy or storage
room. You will (in most ratings) have to work your ass
off and miss out on some sleep. The upside of all that
is you get to shower regularly, eat good chow
regularly, there is usually a gym and other
recreational/educational facilities aboard ship. There
is also the fact that for some of us the sea gets in
your blood and you just plain enjoy it. You do often
go to unusual places and do unusual things because the
Navy is often used to project a presence, gather
intelligence, or do humanitarian work. I retired from
the Navy in 1981 so it may be better or worse.
Hopefully, someone else will give their opinion.


I'm obviously am very biased towards the Army. I couldn't imagine pulling up to the dock and not going to an apartment or barracks but still living on the ship with 3 other guys in a cell block size room. No thanks. It all depends on whether you like your misery long and drawn out or in short bursts. There's times the Army's no fun, but those times are brief and then something new comes along. I've spent time on a ship and I thank God every day I went Army. I recommend exploring all your options with every service, and no, all the benefits are not the same. Terms of enlistment, training guarantees, bonuses, station of choice etc etc are all very different.

Major Bob

Major Bob I respect your opinion and you really
provide a lot of good information on this forum. On
the other hand, I have one son who retired from the
Army and another that served 4 years in the Marines
and is now on active duty in Iraq with the National
Guard. Knowing what I know now I would definitely
choose the Navy again. And on the last ship I was on
we had about 70 guys in that cell block not 3 or 4.


more opinion please, travel???

Regarding the sleeping arrangements:
They are constatnly making upgrades in the quality of onboard life. The new racks(bunks) are designed so you can sit up at one end to do whatever, instead of fighting for room in the loungs. You have email access in port and underway, and the newer ships(DDX) are proposing to put 4 men to a room, instead of the old 70+(been there, done that).

There is also a plan to make ashore living available to everyone, even if your a single E1. This is still in the works, and probably won't be fully implemented for a couple more years, but it sounds good.

There are other things to do in the Navy than serve on a ship. There are SEALs, EOD, Divers, SeaBees, and SWCCs--possibly the best kept secret in the Navy. Honestly, if you serve in the Navy long enough, you will more than likely end up on a ship for at least a short time. But I have known people gong past their 5-6 years without having stepped foot on one. But if you go Navy, don't plan on that unless you go SEALs, EOD or SWCC. Even divers and SeaBees spend some time on board ship. THe ship I was stationed on had a fully manned dive locker, with about 10 divers or so.

If you are interested in Navy, and want some tips for talking to a recruiter, email me at

Saint39 is very correct.

Also, if your into the medical field the Navy is top notch. I've been a Navy Corpsman for 5 years and I love it. I've been overseas for 4 years and have seen a lot of places.

I still haven't been on a ship though.

Josh, have you talked to ENS Keel in Cali.

Not since Thanksgiving, he might be transferring out here this year, but didn't know yet at the time. Are you still in Guam?


My Dad retired from the Navy in the early 70's as a Sr. Chief. He thought I was nuts joining the Army back in 1983 and thinks I'm still nuts for having stayed in. He loved his Navy experience as I love my Army experience. Guess this is why the Nation watches two medicore football teams every November.

Major Bob

Can anyone tell me about Navy Divers? What are the physical/mental requirements to get that job?

The physical part is fairly easy if you're used to cardio work (running, swimming, calisthenics). The only "mental" requirements I can remember are you had to have a certain score in a couple portions of your ASVAB, since you have to learn all of the gas laws.

There's a couple different Diver programs, a recruiter should be able to give you the skinny on entrance requirements.

Major Bob, you are certainly right.


hey shogun all those ports you went to, do u have free time? how long have u been in the navy? what is it like?

When I was aboard a ship, I saw Sasebo and Yokosuka Japan more times than I can remember, Hong Kong twice(once before and once after the changeover), Chin Hae S. Korea, and Sydney Australia.

For liberty ports, you will usually get 3-5 days in port, with max liberty. That means if you don't have duty, your out partying and seeing the sights. Usually(I assume it's still this way) E3 and below will have cinderella liberty, meaning they have to be back on the ship by midnight, unless they have a special pass to stay out. For awhile, the policy in 7th Fleet was that everyone had cinderella the first night, then just E3 and below after that. It also depended on which port you were in, I was E3 in Sydney, and didn't go back to the ship for 3 days straight, until I had duty.

The Navy

You will work longer hours for more time than any other branch of the service, and will be expected to perform up to speed at times when you are literally puking on the deck. In heavy seas you will not sleep for days. If you get onto a larger ship the life is easier (carriers, cruisers, DD's) and you will have some of the amenities. Small ships or submarines, life gets rougher. Racking areas are/were 70 people per bething, with bathroom facilities for 10. The food is not what it's cracked up to be (command dependent), and we used to steal MRE's at any chance. You will dream of barracks and look enviously at the Marines.

You will see places you never thought you'd see, and do things that you'd never thought you'd do. You'll take home more experience in your little four to six years than the rest of the people you grew up with will see before they're forty. If you're smart and can swing it, you'll get stationed overseas and just might never want to come back.

Oh, and you'll also catch at least one good case of STD, and by the end of it all you will turn your nose up at ALL shore duty scum who aren't haze gray and underway.

If I was given the chance then knowing what I do today, I'd do it all over again.


A big hooah for that one.

Major Bob

croaker, Hey, I resemble that remark! 5.5 of my 9 has been shore duty(2 overseas, 3 involuntary instructor duty, 6 mo SWCC school).

Right on about the experiences though. I would come home on leave from Guam, and go see my old friends. They'd ask me, "So, where ya been?" I'd start listing places, 'went throught the Canal, spent a week in Sydney Aus, went to Hong Kong, S. Korea, Japan...'

"Oh, cool. So anyway--turning back to other 'friend'.

I finally quit visiting my high school friends. You will make better and longer lasting friendships in the service than just about anywhere else. I keep in touch with maybe a hand ful of friends I had before I joined, all the rest dropped to the wayside. I still keep in touch with friends from previous duty stations though, and see them when I can, now that we are scattered.

There's just something special(at the risk of sounding gay) about guys who will cover your back just because they recognize you from the same ship, even though you don't actually know each other. Try getting some guy from your English Lit class to do that.

hey saint i here what you are saying man, it sounds like navy really changed your life man. To be honest sometimes Life really speaks to me at night for some reason as i sit in my bed and think of the experiences that im missing. You see I am 18 going on 19 and i dont want to wast my younger years just playing playstion 2 everyday throughout the summer, so do u really recomend the navy?

Good advice from the Shogun

a shogun what does the "E1 , E2 " etc mean i keep on seeing that phrase does it have to do with a test or a rank and which is good