I'm thinking MMA agents and managers are a waste

I work with Armed Forces Entertainment to put on tours of fighters to go visit our troops overseas. We've been to about 20 different countries.
Because of social media, I typically try and contact fighters that way. But not all fighters are on FB, and pitching a proposal on Twitter is kinda hard to do.

I usually have to go to agencies and management companies to get word to fighters.
Guess who has NEVER had a phone call answered by one of these groups?
If I'm lucky enough to get a return call (maybe 50% of the time), it's always about wanting to know how much the fighter will get paid. and I COMPLETELY understand this. it should be a manager/agents job to squeeze every dime they can for their fighter. If they're not doing that, at least, then what good are they?
BUT AFE has next to no money to pay people to go. it's a volunteer type of trip. There's a modest per diem, which is about $100 per day. so on a two week trip, they fighters aint walking out with a grip of cash.
These tours are about giving to people that tirelessly work to protect us.
And as soon as the agent/manager hears there's no cash involved, it's almost a sure fire "Well, that's a hard time for him to go." "I don't think he's gonna be available then."

The clowns wont even bother pitching it to their client.

I have NEVER had a fighter go after I spoke with their agent. EVER.

Sorry for this vent. I'm just pretty disgusted by how little they do, when there isn't huge dollar signs going with it.

Anyone know an awesome agent NOT like this?