I'm writing a paper on why people should watch MMA

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The primal fascination coupled with various art forms of martial disciplines. Phone Post

Accessibilty to fighters at live shows Phone Post

Quality free fights Phone Post

 It's a new emerging sport that shows great potential to win over most of the world

 What kind of paper?

Compared to other sports, we are really in the infancy of the sport, so it is incredible to watch it grow and evolve in all aspects. How often do you witness a new technique these days in boxing? With so many Martial Arts at our athlete's disposal, we haven't even skimmed the top of what can potentially be pulled off in a sanctioned MMA fight. We just saw our first twister not long ago, and we saw a trend started by Andy and Machida with the front kick to the face as a viable option for the knockout. 20 years ago we wouldn't imagine that happening (and landing cleanly), and 20 years from now I'm sure we'll see something even more insane being pulled off. We are even witnessing a completely new breed of athlete, ala Jon Jones and Rory McDonald, who are training in all Martial Arts from the beginning, instead of coming from a specific background (i.e Karate, Boxing, BJJ), thus making them extremely well rounded right out of the gate b

If that doesn't help, please reference the Showtime kick with a link to the YouTube video. That should do it. Phone Post