IMA: To make this perfectly clear

There seeems to be an inference from people and now a posting by Tony GREEN to the effect that I am taking steps to hold back, harm etc... Integrated Martial Arts or the athletes within that organisation.

Such is totally and utterly false!!!!!

I will re-iterrate the personal dissapointment that I have in Danny HIGGINS and his choice/course of action. I do believe that Danny has made a huge error in judgement and naturally parties that have suffered will react each in their own way.

My way was to try and meet with Danny and find out exactly what his problem was. This is something that Danny was not willing to do.

KOTC Australia have expressed their views here and I expect KOTC to make a release sometime soon. I have not had ANY correspondence with Terry or KOTC (USA), whatsoever.

To make this matter perfectly clear it is not an instance of myself having a fallout with Danny or IMA and then Danny was canned from KOTC Australia and then abroad. Danny was extended and accepted a match with KOTC Australia and then severred all contact with me and effectively KOTC Australia - Due to this KOTC Australia were left no choice but to abandon the match.

I wish to make this 100% perfectly clear I have not to date nor wish to in the future persue any course of action that will cause any harm to Danny HIGGINS or IMA.

I frimly and wholeheartedly believe that I have only ever acted in good faith towards Danny and have often placed his best interests in front of my own. I have cancelled matches on my events in order to allow him to persue US matches and I also extended him V Luke to KOTC as I believed it was an excellent opportunity for Danny to have the opportunity to compete for a title within that organisation. These are not the actions of a self motivated person.

In closing I believe that I have said all that needs to be said regarding the matter. I do not believe that I need to answer or justify my actions to the public in general. I still would ultimately like the opportunity to talk with Danny regarding this, as to date neither myself or KOTC Australia have been offered any sort of explanation as to what happened.

On a personal level I wish Danny and his team-mates the best in the future and only hope that one day we are able to help each other grow even more.



So Justin since you offered KOTC the Danny and Luke match why should he take it and Bonello not fight Matt?

BTW Justin did you think that Danny might not be interested in some title you had just decided to make up for him.

Some people just go out and fight and do their best and aren't interested in made up titles.

So lets get this right. You offered KOTC a Danny/Luke match and now KOTC are saying if Danny doesn't fight Luke he an't fight on KOTC in the US but you have had no influence in KOTC coming to this BS decission?

BTW please explain the 1st question 1st.

This from Justin on another forum "John and I wanted Danny to fight on KOTC, Terry Trebilcock did also. Danny chose to break communication."

Seems like when you want to big note your right in the thick of things Justin but when it turns to shit (and it usally does when your involved) you want to try to distance yourself.

Keats you are obviously on a witchhunt but for the last time and VERY S L O W L Y and in order of occurence:

1: I suggested the match to KOTC Australia (Mid Nov)

2: KOTC Agreed and asked me to touch base with both fighters

3: I contacted both Luke and Danny within minutes of each other expressing why I saw this as a great opportunity and why I wanted the highly anticipated fight to take place on KOTC and not XFC - Both agreed and seemed genuinely excited and most appreciative of the opportunity.

4: After Danny should have landed back from the US he became impossible to contact - I was NOT alarmed as his work often makes him unavailable.

5: Luke PEZZUTTI called us stating that he was offered the match against NOKE for WR3. When luke stated he was fighting Dan in FEB KOTC he was advised by Shane that Danny would not fight on KOTC Australia.

6: At that time I understood there was a challenge and further continued to try and contact Danny to speak regarding the match - I have not been able to receive any explanation from Danny nor his management except to the effect that "Danny is complicated"

7: KOTC(AUS) canned the match and I believe KOTC(USA) has attempted to contact Dan either directly or through greg JACKSON seeking explanation as to what transpired.

*** Please understand that it is not a matter of Danny and I having a problem so I canned his Aussie KOTC match and US opportunities. What happened, occurred exactly as above.

back to TRIHEY - Should BONELLO EVER be approached to fight TRIHEY by KOTC and then agree to do such and then dissapear from the face of the earth, he too would be in a similar situation as to what we see now with Danny. The situations can not be compared.

The IMA stance now seems that PEZZUTTI is not worthy of fighting Danny. Although personally I would back Dan I believe a LOT of the knowledgable parties here would disagree with me. Luke is a superb fighter and was every bit deserving and worthy of a fight with Danny.


Justin ,

I don't know the details of this particalur situation and I don't really care. If you are being honest with yourself, you have to start questioning the way you deal with people and circumstances.

As time goes on more and more of Australia's top fighters and others refuse to deal with you, whether you like it or not thats a fact. Pretending it doesnt affect your show is ludicrous IMO.

Continuing in this fashion will be to your own detriment and probably the detriment of MMA in Australia.

So in YOUR opinion Justin do you think Higgins should have to fight a fighter back in Australia who hasn't fought for almost 2 years to keep his spot in the KOTC US?

You to can read this slow if you want!

P.s think the best thing for MMA in this country would be if you butt out of everyone elses promotions and worry about XFC and let them worrie about their own. Maybe then a few more from here would be attending KOTC here.

Keats I believe that the title bout was an excellent idea for KOTC and for the athletes. Both athletes agreed. No one was trying to make Danny do something that he did not want to do.

KOTC are obviously not happy with what has transpired after the agreement. Believe me they & I have taken every reasonable step to try and ascertain what danny's problem is. To date I have no idea, however, I believe KOTC management abroad may have finally spoke to HIGGINS.

I do not believe that the match was a "requalifier" as such for Dan. It was simply something that his employer (yes he is a paid professional athlete) posed to him through me and he agreed to do so.

Should have Danny had a problem with the matching all he had to do was advise us of such. As above he didn't at the start and accepted the match and was greatful.

Should he have decided he no longer desired the match he should have contacted myself or KOTC here immediately, the second he changed his mind. I can assure everyone that had KOTC decided to cancell Danny from the match they would have contacted him forthwith.

Had Danny at the start stated he was not desirable of the match I would have discussed such with KOTC and then they would have made a decision as to what they wanted to do.

My dissapointment is primarily personal with Danny as I always considerred hima friend. I am still beffadled as to his actions of late to the point of dissbelief. I know he is a superb athlete and I wish him all the very best.


I am not employed by KOTC having known both john PEDRO and KOTC fighter Tony BONELLO for some time I have been asked to assist with some domestic options for the event.

Ie there are a few unnanounced matches that I have assisted in putting together.


And you're letting the side down re: ticket sales. Check your email Justin !!




I have tickets too mate :)


Well it looks like this event is gonna be a "must see" for me now...

Justin, any idea when more of the card will be announced ? It's a bit hard to sell people on attending when less then half the fights are announced with only 1 month to go.

Also, hook me up a T-Shirt, you still owe me one.



Perhaps Justin is just misunderstood ?

Any takers ?



Maybe very much so...seems to be one of those guys you either love or hate. ;)

I'll speak to big John and hopefully get the card posted. I believe the show is gonna be awesome!


Hey Keats, let's not get carried away !!

Love is a very strong word, and one I try to use only when trying to nail pretty girls.

Justin does NOT count as pretty in my book !!



Justin, try and get John to add some line breaks. They don't cost any extra, and make it so much easier to read his posts...


Thought you might like that one :)

Is like or dislike better?

Based on what I see here, I'd say it's more a case of "like or hate" or maybe, "tolerate or hate" perhaps "not hate or hate"



Who did that?

I'm all ears too?