Imagine a machine that gives u the perfect body...

So imagine a big futuristic machine that u could get into that would reconstruct your body automatically.

it first takes away excess fat at a rate of 1lb per 5 minutes. Then once you have hit optimum weight it will add muscle at rate of 1lb per 5 minutes.


the only downside is excrutiatingly painful while using it. Like your muscles are tearing and your body burning.....knives ripping at your skin painful.


would you use use this machine to fast track your way to a better body? Would everyone? 

Seriously fuckface?

And to make it more fun....befor getting in machine u have to select your target weight/shape. If you quit before making it u basically come out looking like the elephant man fucked Quasimodo 

Mike Wazowski -

Seriously fuckface?

Oh I'm dead serious fuckface. 

ThePundidiot -

Can you go back in?  How Quasimodo we talkin? Say I try for 5 mins and say fuck it after 3. I'm a hunchback?

I'm not sure...I haven't thought that far yet. Maybe make u live as a hunchback for a few years before u can have another go. This machine has quite a waiting list apparently 

I'd do it. After the pain I experienced I think I could cope for a short period of time. I'd do it for about 4 hours....

After getting your turn on the machine...wot if there was an ATM machine at the front door which gave you a million dollar check if you used it. But by using it, it took 20 years off your life. Would you take the million dollars on the way out?


so you could be mentally scarred by being tortured for the past 3 or 4 hours and your life shortened by 2 decades.....but u could leave by lunch time with a perfect beautiful body and a millionaire! 


No pain no gain, motherfuckers.

easy, go on some anesthesia or get myself knocked out before going into the machine

Go to the gym you lazy fucks.

Jihad To Steal My Goat Huh - Does it ram something big and silver in my ass? You know, to distract me from the pain.

! min per lb and you have a deal. 5 mins would suck dicks.