Imagine being a White Male Liberal



Shown to be dishonestly framing narratives, posts a picture of a carrot being handed to Seagull. Par for the course.

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Please sir, can you hook me up with some of these Asian fathers? Japanese preferably please.


Senn is half black. I support him getting a good job if he wants.

But I like him better when he’s just being a wild eyed drifter.

I disagree and give you the scissors
capt kirk leg scissors

I bet this is how you “wrestled” with your uncles growing up…

They’re aren’t any.

They identify as They/Her, and dress like woman on the weekends to save up money to cut their weiner off.


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Of course you would. You won’t say why you disagree, but congrats, you don’t think you dishonestly frame narratives, even though it has been pointed out several times. It must just be your honest mistakes! I don’t think you are low IQ, so I won’t call it stupidity, so the only option left is intentional dishonesty.

They never let me win!


I’m super overloaded at work (I’ll easily hit 70 hours at my W2 this week and then need to spend to weekend doing some maintenance on one of my rentals that a tenant just moved out of) and both of my toddlers are sick this week. I would love to vigorously debate our philosophies, especially because I still don’t understand how a conservative leaning forum took my “individuals can still succeed if you work hard and apply yourself, stop the Race-pity-party” as being a White apologist, but I haven’t had time to get on here and do more than silly meme to relieve some mental stress.

The thread’s getting long in the tooth, if you want to past a couple of your “here’s why Sprout is a fucking moron!” points, I’ll get back to you.

Hope all of your weeks are going well.

And fuck that le shit guy. :wink:

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white liberals are cowards who think they will end up on the ‘winning’ side if the kiss ass enough. Problem is, you can NEVER APPEASE A BULLY.

The more you kiss ass, the more they step on you until you don’t exist.

Just ask Sweden, as they try to appease muslims. At this rate, they’ll be gone by the end of the century and replaced. What as the appeasement for?


To alleviate their white guilt and privilege.

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I don’t exactly know what you think I’m smarter than, but ok. I wasn’t talking about “Why you are talking about White people”, I asked why your argument is essentially hinged on white people not being #1. It’s a very unusual argument. Normally, complaints target the #1 spot especially when discussing inequality. If I wanted to discuss inequality I would show a statistic that had White people as the #1 as you could show a greater depth of inequality. Otherwise it just looks like sour grapes “Group A isn’t a higher rung, than Group B”

What I’m getting at is your argument is lazy and it has no real value in discussing. You make no effort to understand that the inequality could very well be life choices. You have zero clue because you did zero research. You just found a stat where you saw white people higher and just make assumptions about why with no evidence.

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Damn @SPROUT seem like a pretty normal liberal, id vote for you over Trudeau but judging by your posts you might he considered a conservative in Canada lol

But kudos, refreshing to hear from non troll libs like ezmoney and spjackson

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Written by a black man. Reeeeeee!

This is silly. White males make up the majority of people in power at those institutions. It should be fairly obvious why corporations dont need to virtue signal to white people.

Also who the hell is conservative in this day and age?

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No you don’t get it.

Wealthy elite white males make up the majority of people in power in those institutions. We don’t have access to those positions regardless of how intelligent or capable we are (or the color of our skin).

The wealthy elite want to divide us and have us fight it out for middle management roles and get distracted by that so we leave them alone to rule over us.


If we went to merit based hiring for execs, execs would be mostly in their late 20s and early 30s (probably mix of races but white and asians would be overrepresented) probably 70/30 split between males and females.

But no instead we have a bunch of 60 something year olds who happen to be white (because their positions of power are inherited rather than earned).

But bringing black and trannies into middle management positions doesn’t do anything at exec level and even if we bring them into exec level that’s not the issue anyway.

We need to go to merit based hiring and away from network based hiring.

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Jamie, if you’re a girl, I love you.

If you’re a man, brisk handshake for you.

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gotta wear a skirt to fit in

ps: its cool to be a guy in makeup pretending hes a girl
but put black face on to change races?!?!?!? RACIST!