Imagine if this was one of Trumps kids. Thank god his addiction to prostitutes is over


Just being like his dad.


Pedo Peter also liked swimming naked around secret service so the crackhead probably learned from him.


Yes, imagine what would have happened if Trump had an affair with a Playboy playmate or a porn star.

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What I still dont understand is why Hunter always takes so many pictures?

He never thought it was not a good idea???


It’s because he’s stupid, like his father.

Acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Imagine looking at joe biden and realizing that’s gonna be you in 20 years.


You are right. Compared to smelling children, molesting your daughter, your crackhead son who was potentially molested by you as well calls you Pedo Peter, and you and said son are responsible for being on the brink of WWIII is easily less bad as having two affairs with two such women. Bravo.


You’re just jealous you’re not water-sliding with hos.

Are we sure that isn’t Aaron Rodgers? Oh wait, there were females at the party…got it. And actually Rodgers looks worse than the crackhead.

Smartest man brandon knows.

his tattoo is so fucking god damn weird. it’s like baal scratched him or something.

this is kinda funny though. i literally went in a pool naked today and railed this chick out.

and rode an old bike around the backyard before promptly removing his pants and doing a cannonball into the pool.

Something needs to be done about this!

Well, you have to understand. The democrat party is not the party of morals, family values, and Christianity. The republican party has politicians claiming to possess said qualities, so it was unprecedented to elect someone like Trump who was a whoremonger and adulterer. It was an act of desperation. But I guess we need Trump and still do regardless of his past weakness for women.

Yep. The liberal bias by the media is what finally broke me. They demonize conservatives and anything family related but sweep liberal issues under the carpet.