Imagine Wandy as middleweight in..

UFC. Do you think he'd clean house, or would he have some legit competition?

as a middleweight?? silva could get that low?? i doubt it??

Well what is he now? If he's light heavy i'd imagine it would be because of the roids.

If I'm not mistaking, he fought at around 225 against Crocop and was CUT. I really doubt he could make middle weight.

Hmm my bad for the troll then...i coulda sworn he looked like a light heavy at MAX vs Crocop.

yeah he'd have to drop like 40 pounds.

He could do it, he's not that big. He's actually small for 205. He's got the the build of Frank Shamrock (height/weight wise). He would Axe murder evryone.

he couldn't make middleweight.

I would love to see him vs Chuck though.

Silva is small? He is not that tall but are there many guys more muscle bound than him at 205?

i remember reading a whle back that he was having a hard time making

"If I'm not mistaking, he fought at around 225 against Crocop and was CUT. I really doubt he could make middle weight."

Ya, cut AND juiced to the gills. Sauce free, I think Silva could make MW but I also think the technical striking of Anderson would give him a nasty headache.

Vanderlei is a blown up LHW.......just a REALLY tough and effective one. Juice for sure.

he started his career around 185.....he was a monster there too. Vanderelei is just tough as a MW, LHW, and even HW....He's just tough. remember in his 1st fight w/ Cro Cop he took several kicks to the ribs and didn't blink.........just one finished heath Herring.

"If he could step onto the scale at 185 and then step into the ring healthy at his normal weight, he'd probably clean house. I'd also doubt that he's human if he could do that."

His usual walking weight is about 217, which also happens to be Rich Franklin's.

Rich needs his nose put back in the right place? Silva vs. Silva would rule. Why does everyone think that Wand does roids? I'm sorry, I'll rephrase: why does every UFC fanboy think that Vanderlei does roids?

in brazil you can add 10 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks...screw a year.

He would be ridiculously sucked out at 185. I don't think that cut is even remotely possible for him.