IMB Columbus (new website)

This is the new address of our schools website:


I know it is nothing 'special', but it is a work in progress...I will also be launching a site just for the BJJ & MMA classes in the next few weeks. It will include video and tons of photos from out team!


The biggest news "UPGRADE" is that we are in the midst of "re-modeling"!  We have added a dressing / locker room & will be purchasing 1500 sq ft of new mats in the coming weeks!


Once this is all complete, we will be hosting a "Grand Re-Opening" with several Pro. MMA Fighters on hand to sign autographs!  I will be sure to keep the UG posted...


I will be sure to post the photo's of the school once we get in completed.


Dustin Ware

Team Jorge Gurgel


Nice webpage. 1500 sq ft? Damn, that's a lot of mats. Sounds like an awesome place.


It will be...but we just need to get something worked out...

The mats will be about 40 X that is about 1,440 sq ft...but that is not counting the Wrestling mat we use in our 17' X 17' Floor Ring (another 300 sq ft).

I will be sure to post some pics when we get our mats...Also doing some cool Team Photos with our coaches and our fighters.

I am very excited about all the changes...

I'm at an even earlier phase with my club in wheeling. We finally have a good location to move into and we're just getting the mats installed. We'll have about 900 sq feet of mat to start off with. It'll mostly be wrestling mat with a big judo cover. I've got plenty of room to keep expanding though.

It was completely vacant for years before us, so maybe once I get some more clean up time in, it'll be clean enough to take pictures of, lol.


sounds like the same thing we have going here...

Here are some photos of what it looked like 2 weeks ago:

But we have made some"cosmetic" improvments,and I cant wait to check it out on Wed. night (i have to take Tuesday with the wife).

Dave & Matt Freetage are doing alot to improve the school, and I thank them for it!

Our reason for the change was because the students at the school have come so far, and our numbers have began to we only feel that is right that our school chtch-up with the evolution of our team.

Right now we have about 50 total students in all of our programs...We hope that by the end of this year, we have 75 total students!

It already looks pretty nice in those pictures. If those are the before, it'll have to look amazing in the "after" pictures.

Thanks Thomas!

Those are "before" photo's...

Be sure to stop by anytime you are in Columbus. We have either BJJ or Muay Thia 6 to 7 days a week.  Just let me know if you want to stop by.

- Dustin

kewl, thanks for the offer. A friend of mine goes to ohio state, so I might take you up on it next time I go up to visit him.

I'll be up that way to bring some guys to compete at various stuff at the arnolds: mma, jiu-jitsu, and maybe even the judo tournament. I think it'll be a little too crazy to stop in that weekend though.

With Dustin Hazelett fighting Rhalan Gracie on Friday, all the guys compeating on Saturday, haveing a UFC Party at my house on Saturday Night, and then back to compeate on Sunday....

your are right on the money...


See you are doing alot of Judo...One of my Blue Belt (BJJ) is a very good Judoka from Germany. He is 6'1" 175lbs, and is alwasy loking for guys to train with...

Right now, I'm a sankyu in judo(lowest of the brown belts). I haven't tried to test in a few years though, and my instructor is telling me, he'll probally just have me test to black in a year or too. Still, I'm not the best judoka around, but I always like good training partners. I workout with the wheeling jesuit judo club currently. Dr. Larry Driscoll is the head of it. He's on a sebatical(taking a semester off) right now, so I've been left to run that club in addition to my jiu-jitsu club. You friend is welcome to come down to wheeling and work out.

If he wants to work out with some really good judoka, I can point him in the direction of the people I know in pittsburgh. Kim's Martial Arts. Dr. Driscoll is a 5th degree under Mr. Kim. Eugene Kim(the son)'s club is where the serious competitors work out primarily, in Cranberry, PA. I'd look there for some awesome judo instruction. I know there are some other strong judo clubs in that area as well, but I know the people at Kim's, and have had my butt thrown around by them first hand. There's definately some strong judo competitors in the pittsburgh area.

Will do.

I know that for now, he is really into BJJ, but he does work out with the Ohio State Judo club.