Imgur's best images of 2013

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                                Imgur's best images of 2013 
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                    <p>Imgur is a cloud based service for hosting images and often utilized by Twitter users, forum users, etc. It's a simple system that allows a user to upload an image from their desktop, tablet, or phone, and returns a hosted URL for them to use to post the image anywhere on the web.&nbsp;</p>

Needless to say, millions of photos a year are hosted by the service and they recently came out with a top 13 list for the year:

5. Doge is looking fab

4. Tried to get a photo of our proposal...nailed it!

3. 99 year old Harold Percival, World War II veteran, had no family to attend his funeral - until an appeal.

2. Selfie with The Pope

1. Beyonce's Publicist Wants These Unflattering Photos from the Super Bowl Removed from the Internet

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