Immortal Out - Covid

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Damn this SHITTT

I can’t believe this Covid-19 shit is still in the air.Is it ever going to go away?

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Happy TDAY @Harlem

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It’s all over the world also.

Hard to believe.

I’m always conflicted watching him fight at this age. Sometimes he looks great, and other times not so much. Knowing about his past addiction makes me feel like he’s having trouble letting go of his identity as a fighter, like a lot of others.


coronaviruses have been around a loooong time

and this test is non specific and can be triggered by the rona, the flu, and also remnants of previous encounters with rona and flu

will never go away, our body is made up of trillions of viruses


God damn tornadoes,hurricanes & even wind gusts ETC you would think would wipe it out…but no.

Most people retire 65-70, but 35-40 range for the mma athlete is considered old. Most dont understand the struggle. They’ve been working their asses off for decades then the fans tell them to retire, before the age of 40. How would you feel? How would you react? Would you keep doing what you loved?


Well said man. It’s a hard change that most struggle with much less a warrior like Brown. I would love to see him coaching or something. He’s always had a gritty game, he was always a tough out even when people thought he wouldn’t be. I’ll always root for him and wish him well, tough dude.

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Thank you. I hate it when people say that shit. They have no concept of what the fighters go through when it comes to that. (edit) not that MoMA there is being disrespectful or anything, he’s a good poster. Just saying in general.


I have no idea what I’d do. That’s why I’m not built to be a fighter. Matt is 40. He has been in more wars than the vast majority of fighters. I’m always looking out for the health and safety of fighters.

For me personally, being in the mindset of a fighter, it depends. If I had over 40 pro fights, had fought for years in the UFC against the best guy and went on some big streaks, I’d be proud of that. However I don’t do anything unless I love it and have a passion for it. If I wasn’t injured, I felt good, was still competing and not being KO’d all the time, still enjoyed training camp and the fight itself, I’d probably still fight, granted I felt comfortable taking more damage knowing it has long term effects.

Yeah I generally agree with that notion and would never tell a guy to retire. Just as a fan, guys that I’ve watched compete since I was a teenager, it’s a roller coaster emotionally for myself because I don’t want to see these guys take more damage than they need to.

We’ve all seen the stories like Chuck, Goodridge, countless others, and instinctively you just don’t want to see these other fighters go that same route. Of course they make their own choices and control their destiny regardless, it’s just how I feel.

Especially with a guy like Matt who I’ve been a fan of for 12-13 years, knowing his past struggles with addiction. I’ve been around that in my own family for my entire life so it hits close to my heart, I’d hate to see that guy lose his way again.

Long Island is up 40% over the last 30 days. At 4.2% now…

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I think a lot of it is the physical aspect of the retirement situation. Fighters retire and their entire life slows and there is much more time for contemplation about things they rarely considered beforehand. I think the heaviness of just everyday shit and the lack of physical activity allows a lot more time to dwell on these things when before like many who work long hours or are very busy with work do during retirement.

It’s very different for a fighter and I can imagine how difficult it would be and that I’d just one way it’s very different i can think of many ways it’s difficult n different.

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