just pooped himself and is now hiding under the covers.

This is why we wanted BJ to lose. Not because we dont like BJ....

 lol gsp's improvements are light years ahead of penn's improvements since that fight.

GSP is taking penns arm home

They don't need to fight. Let them clear out their own weight classes, damnit.

IMO, GSP was sleeping while watching BJ take twice as long to beat Sherk as it took GSP to dispose of the Muscle Shark

GSP took Penn down in their first fight. I'm sure he can do it in their second fight and probably much quicker. And we've seen what happens when GSP is in someone's guard. GSP all the way.

^^^You mean lay there and throw pitter patter hammer fists. Thats all he did to BJ in their first fight.

Talking about GSP fighting the Lightweight champ, and the Middleweight champ... wtf is wrong with you peeople?

They need a rematch. GSP won't be saved by the judges this time.

GSP was crying into his cornflakes when realised that STILL the only thing he could do to Penn was land the odd takedown and hold him against the fence, whereas Penn's striking and graplling are lightyears better.

GSP is thinking "holy shit! if i fight BJ against i just might have to stand up and strike! noooooooooOOOOOooooo!"

BJ will not leave it up to the judges this time, he will soundly defeat GSP.  Sherk's face looked a lot like GSP's after their last match. 


 GSP by unchecked legkicks and being much better.  After watching this fight I actually ended up with less interest in this rematch.

GSP beat him in a 3 rounder,imagine what he would do in a 5 rounder? BJ cant hang in rounds 4 and 5,add Sherk to the list of common opponents that GSP looked way more impressive against,BJ beat Sherk convincingly,but itleast he looked like he belonged in there

against GSP Sherk looked like it was his first day in fight class

GSP isn't getting passed Fitch...

Fitch=a poor mans Koscheck,has Fitch even fought a top 5 fighter? he gets this fight because the division has been cleaned out and waxed by GSP imo..not to mention he sent Sherk and BJ to lightweight,and mayhem and trigg out of the ufc