iMovie crapping out

During iMovie to iDVD burn, the DVD becomes a toaster? What
gives? Change media brands? Go to FCP4 and DVD Pro Studio
$$$?---machine is Dual 1.25 G4 Powermac w/ 1.25 Ggb ddr ram
with Superdrive. I really think it's the media but the software might
be the issue. I probably shoud try shutting down iMovie when
iDVD is authoring. warez...RobRPM2222, you guys know this
problem? Thanks.

1 out 3 times the aps made a toaster, 1 out of 3 the aps crashed
and he thid time was a go. I'm runing OS X 10.3.2...

I've heard those dual 1.25 G4s have problems for some reason.

Kind of a bummer.

try burning the dvd with toast instead of imovie.