IMPORTANT: Video Game Question

This is important. Please help me out here. I feel a little like buying a new Playstation 2 game. I've got 3 problems. First, I don't know if they make what I want. Second, if they do make it, are they any good? Third, are they difficult (I hope not b/c I'm not very good at current video games)?

Anyway, what I want is like a Star Wars or Comicbook (preferably Star Wars) fighting game. I'm talking like Mortal Kombat but with said characters.

OG please help, I want to go to Best Buy in a little bit, if such games exist/are worth getting.



There have been several Marvel superhero one-on-one fighting games. I'm not sure what's available on the PS2, however.

I know you can get Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 on the Xbox, but I don't know if it went multi-format. The fact that I have it on the Xbox (when normally I favour the PS2 for such games, due to the superior pads) indicates that it might not be on the PS2, though it might just not have been readily available on the PS2 at the time I ordered it. I tend to be pretty impatient about such things...