Impossible to find Ivermectin in Canada!

Anyone in BC that has had success in finding Ivermectin?? Canada is possibly the worst place to find anything… especially when Big Brother USA says do as you’re told.

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I’m in the us but I got mine at a ranch supply store

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Have you bought from here before, RougeRider?

My local TSC has some.

I can’t even find a telemedicine doctor here that can prescribe it. I asked my doctor the other day and he said ‘no can do’.

I haven’t. But that same product is available all across BC. Just make a few google searches.

Healthcare going political is the opposite of healthcare. Fuck em all.


don’t know, but maybe try searching the physicians signatures by city on

or find a local independent compounding pharmacy and ask them who prescribes it.

I bought it all.

Wild card, bitches. Yeeeeeee haw!

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Got it prescribed by going to online Dr group.


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Dude, can we talk?


Yes, sent a message meng

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Can someone tell us what the fuck this is, and what it’s for?

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It is an anti-parasite drug that has been used safely for 40 years with little to no side effects that has shown pretty amazing results in preventing Covid, and a really decent results in treating it.

But Google/FB etc has been shutting down discussion of it


Group info?

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Check out the FLCCC website. They have links to telemed and regular docs all over the US listed with contact info

Are you taking it as a prophylactic or to treat it?

Ivermectin ? Hell, I can’t get into an orthopedic surgeon for 10 months with a torn rotator.