In 92-93 Paul Westphal said...

after dropping games 1 and 2 at home against the lakers in the first round of the playoffs, back when you only needed 3 to win the series Westy famously stated:

"I'll tell you whats going to happen. We're going to go over to L.A. and win two games, and then we'll come back home and win Game 5, and everybody will say what a great series it was."

Ive never been one to make predictions or guarantee things. But I'll tell you whats going to happen. The suns are going to go into San Antonio and win game 6. Then they are going to come back home and win game 7, and everybody will say what a great series it was.

If Suns can pull that off they deserve a ton of respect.

I see the series ending tonight though.

Yes they would. It wont be easy by any means. But this is the gutsiest Suns team Ive EVER had the pleasure of watching, moreso than the 92-93 Suns.

Win or Lose, I will be here after the game but I am done for right now.


I'm tired of all the talking, I just want to watch some ball. Go Suns.

Well I was wrong.

The better team won this game, but not the series.

I just had a blowup with my best friend in the world, Im not going to explain more, but. Its too bad.

Well done tonight Spurs.

Dude it's JUST freaking basketball. No need to get into with your bro.

Its much to late for that. Im out for the night.

D'Antoni did not help anything with those 3rd quarter subs. I do not understand his subbing logic at all.

I was actually reading on a Suns forum and tons of them were saying D'antoni was horrible every game and substituions and time outs.

The game was lost with the starters resting on the bench. The Spurs went on a run and D'Antoni brought in Nash and Stoudemire after the game was out of reach.

And I don't understand why he didn't give ANYONE a shot besides six guys in game 5. I don't know why you have guys like Rose, Burke, and Banks on your team if you don't feel like you can give them even 3 or 4 minutes in ONE game.

And Barbosa fucking ninja vanished this series, Jesus Christ.

But damn if this series didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. I don't mean anything that happened in game, or any reffing, or anything like that, just shitty circumstances that aligned that prevented the Suns from
competing at full strength for the series. That's the really disappointing part.

Me and my buddy worked our problems out, the gist of it is he had way too much to drink way too early in the day, and it detracted from the game for me.

We threw down for a while, I am currently soaking his and my blood out of my Nash jersey but more than anything else tending to some emotional wounds.

Fuck, this hurts bad man. It really felt like our year. Good luck to the Spurs, but I do hope Horry gets hit by a fucking train.

The better team won tonights game, I just dont think the same can be said for the series.

"But this is the gutsiest Suns team Ive EVER had the pleasure of watching, moreso than the 92-93 Suns."

that 92-93 team had a better cokehead though.

"Good job with the jinx there. Jesus Christ, no wonder we lost. =P "

I was trying to get good juju going by posting that. It certainly worked in the 90s. If only I had guarunSHEED it, we would be getting ready for a game seven. And in that game they couldve worn the 90s throwbacks (which are ugly as shit but still my favorite suns uni).

"that 92-93 team had a better cokehead though."

D'Antoni shouldve toyed with the idea of signing Richard Dumas to a 10 day contract for this series, loaded him up on yak and painkillers and turned him loose on the court. That is if you could find the gutter he currently resides in. Dude was a pretty amazing drug player though.

It wasnt just basketball and i wasnt the instigator.

And besides, we are both micks. One second we are beating the ever loving shit out of eachother and the next were mending the other guys wounds. Its fine.