The NFL woudl adopt college footballs style of overtime, and college football would adopt pro footballs playoff system. That would be perfect.


I don't think the NFL will change their overtime policy until a Super Bowl is determined by a coin flip. The league is always reactionary. They never do anything until it is already too late.

You will see a college playoff system first imo.

I think SecondBase is right.

Actually, I'd just like to see an overtime where both sides are guaranteed at least one possession. If the score is tied at the end of the second team's possession, go to sudden death.

i HATE the college overtime!

it totally eliminates special teams and the big play option for teams!

I'd be interested to see the statistic on the winning % of the coin flip winner in OT. I heard during a game it wasn't much higher than 50%, not sure if that is correct. If that's the case, the system is fine. As Pretjah notes, the college way has problems too.

In Madden though, yeah, the coin flip is pretty much the game.

i'm not in favor of sudden death overtime either.

i would much rather see a full 15 minutes and that is the only change i would be in favor of.

it's still an NFL football game don't change anything in overtime to make it different.

I think guaranteeing one possession to both teams would address all of the concerns.

Team A wins kickoff...drives down the field, scores touchdown. Team B then receives kickoff, drives down the field and must score a touchdown to tie.

If team A scores a field goal, then team B can score a field goal to tie, or a td to win. If there is a tie after these two possessions, it's sudden death.

It keeps the special teams in the game, forces both offenses and defenses into play, and doesn't let a coin flip determine the winner.

Also, it won't extend overtime games much longer than they currently are, which I think is the NFL and the network's major objection to the college system.