In all seriousness

It was fun for me to hate on Jones after the fight, becasue it is just something that never usually gets to happen. But I would like to say that Roy through the years has provied many entertaining moments, and fights, and he has been an awesome boxer for a long time, and for that I hope he comes back better than ever.

I still think Tarver is overrated. He earned the voctory, it was very well done. He proved he is a good boxer. Now the reason I think he is overrated is becasue people are saying he is one of the top 2 greatest boxers in the world. No, no he isnt. He is a good boxer, not a great boxer. That is where the statement of being overrated comes from.

And I do honestly beleive Mike Tyson can beat Roy Jones Jr. Tyson is not the same fighter he once was, but remmebr he once and still is considered one of the most feared fighters in the world. Now he is a couple of steps slower, but a couple of steps down from greatness is still good. I dont see how Roy would put him away. We all know how Tyson can put Roy away though. That is the difference.

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