In Defense of Contractors

Hello Warriors,
I just recently have gotten some office time here in Kuwait as I await to get my ticket back home to Georgia for a 2 week leave. I, myself, am a DOD Contractor here in the Middle East and for the past year and 3 months, I have done convoys and static security for the US ARMY Materials Command, Combat Equipment Battalion and Iraqi Oil Companies. I , personally, have been in convoys that have been strategically ambushed on a daily basis and up to 3 times a day on a quick run up north. We've been hit by friendly fire, some that have torn apart a few of our vehicles with my teammates inside. You don't hear about that on the daily news. Contractors are the ones that get decapitated on international television in front of their families. There are many other barbaric methods these AMERICAN-HATERS use to get rid of us, when we are only there to make sure their food, water, medical supplies and clothing get to them without delay or damage. Contractors all come from some kind of Special Military or Special Training in their specific field. We all wore the US BDU's at on time. So for those who think we are just in it for the money, you can kiss my fuckin ass! The money is very good indeed but the risk is just as high if not higher for us. We don't have a battallion or platoon to watch our six, we sometimes ride in several (bullet resistant, not bullet proof) suv's with no air support whatsoever. Sound risky, that's not even the tip of the iceburg, players. I chose to come out here to be close to my blood-brothers Matt(USMC) and Mike(US ARMY). All 3 of us were out here partaking in Operation Iraqi Freedom and I am fuckin proud. THank the LORD above he still wants me to breathe his air so for that I am thankful. My brother is redeploying back here in February and I too will be back in country next month after leave. I love my job, I love the guys I have and still work with and would not change it for anything in the world. I was a fuckin lazy ass slacker back in the states before I came out here and this job stint has put my life and my priorities back in check. I appreciate my country and it's freedom so much more now which as before I never did. So, I hope that this sheds a little light on our duties as contractors and what we do. I can't wait to get back out there and officially get the shit scared out of me, it's a great feeling brothers.
GOD Bless the Troops and know that you are my heroes forever, no matter what career field you are in. Keep kicking ass...............

Thanks guys,

Sean Sullivan

Yes sir. I volunteered to join the Military when I did.
And I didn't start off as an NCO did I?

Since you're trying to be a dick, I'll answer that.
I would and will go anywhere my country asks me to go. Be it by draft, recall, etc. I joined the Air Force knowing the pretty pennies I was going to make. I joined the military knowing the risk of being sent off to war and possibly buying the farm (which means death).I got out in 98' and went off to college. Does that answer your question Cojone'? I posted in response to all the criticism and name calling we get (i.e. merc's, commando's, rent a cops, etc.)Are you going to be this much of an asshole when veterans of our Iraqi war go back to IRAQ as contractors? Are you going to ask them these silly questions? They know the money we make and guess what, they want to come back and work when they retire or their enlistment is up.


Oh , ok. And I didn't do the statistical search before I joined the Air Force but thanks for the stats. If you ever complete the "HOW TO BE A CONTRACTOR" guide, send me a copy. You can afford it.
And what are you suspicious of sir? My motivation for being there?. It's in the paragraph. I never said I did not like the money, I said that it was not my main reason. Read it again dude, read it again. But even in the end, I want you to have a really nice day, with flowers and everything.

Some of the finest men I know are doing contract work over ther right now.

I totally agree with you sir. I would NEVER, EVER, EVER compare myself to some of the guys I work with. They are my heroes and I truly look up to them and every other soldier I run into. I feel the way fans feel when they meet their favorite fighter, I am in awe......

Props to ya sir. Thanks.

Joe Ray, your anti Americanism is not welcome on this forum. Please take it somewhere else.

I am asking you nicely to take you hatred somewhere else.

A board “created for the respectful interaction of all current and former members of the US Armed Forces, and those interested in it” and not to mention paid for by the Army in support of MMA, is simply not the appropriate place to bad mouth the mission that our friends are dying for.

I do not appreciate your fascist comment either.

"In fact I really see little difference between what America does to third world countries such as Grenada, Nicaragua and Vietnam and what AlQeada does to American buildings. "

Those were your words from another thread. If that isn't anti american then nothing is. You are not wlecome here.

I will say it again, you have every right to think and say whatever you want, but that does not meen you have a right to post it here.

We, meening the Soldiers and their supporters for whom the Army has created this board, are not interested in hearing how much you hate everything we stand for. Please take it somewhere else.

Joe Ray,
I think you are misunderstanding what anti-Americanism is intended to mean here. The implication is that you are unable to discuss any topic without taking shots at Bush, US foreign policy, or the US military. Look at the thread title. If you want to attack the motivation of contractors as money hungry opportunist thugs and vultures, this thread would appear to be an appropriate place to do so in a constructive and respectful manner. However, instead of addressing the actual subject of the thread, you focus on one phrase the original poster used, and go off on US foreign policy.

Perhaps SFC Larsen is being too oblique. Take your personal grudge to the OG. You try to turn every single thread you touch into an "I hate Bush and American foreign policy is evil" rant. He didn't delete your posts, threaten to ban you, etc. He said "Get the fuck out if you can't play nice". Asking you nicely to leave because you are literally incapable of staying on topic in a forum intended to be a "water cooler" environment for military matters is hardly fascism. If you started spouting about Iraq on a gay and lesbian issues board, they'd probably tell you to get on topic or get out.

And as for your initial comment, American Haters is an accurate term for the insurgents, regardless if you think they have a reason to hate Americans or not.

The majority of the Iraqi's are GLAD we are there. It is ONLY the insurgents who are not!!! The Iraqi's make more money now than they have ever made in their lives. The teachers used to make 2$ a day when Saddam was in power!!! They can watch TV, surf the net, they are terrified we will leave and their security will be jeapordized!! One of my workers brother was shot. Two others had family members who were kidnapped for $$$. They STILL work for me, they risk their lives in the sake of freedom. They do not want us to leave, they want the protection our troops provide, and they are SCARED to vote BUT they love their freedom. They are grateful we have given it to them.

Thanks Matt