In doing so you will profit

In doing so you will profit

Comfort the despairing. You yourself will not escape the temptations of discouragement within the circles of struggle.

Lift the fallen. You do not know where your own feet will stumble.

Extend your hand to those who in need of support. Your day for receiving cooperation will arrive.

Help the sick. Your own soul is not using an invulnerable body.

Make an effort to understand the less enlightened companion. Know that you do not always have the necessary means for understanding as could be desired.

Be sympathetic towards the unfortunate. The sky will not always be sunny for you.

Be tolerant and patiently help the ignorant. Remember that there are Sublime Spirits that tolerate us and help us with heroic kindness.

Console the downhearted. You cannot foresee the surprises of your own destiny.

Help the offender with your good thoughts. He teaches us how hostile and disagreeable we are when we hurt someone else.

Be kind to those dependent upon you. Do not forget that Christ himself was compelled to obey.

Christian Agenda - André Luiz - Francisco C Xavier.

Hey, you ok. Didn't see you the last few days.

I´m ok... But lately the HG is full of prejudice, I prefer to remain silent.

I hate everyone equally because they're not me ;)

Well, you know, my worst prejudice is against people that are full of prejudice. ;-)

is this christian agenda a book or what?

haven't been on the HG for a while so i don't know what it is.

It is a book, you can download it here.

you might want to give him the low-down on Spiritism 101 if he's a newbie.

That´s fair, but at that link he can also download "The Spirit´s Book".