In downtown chicago for the day suggestions?

I know the city well, but I have 10 hours to do anything.


Watch Chicago's best on YouTube and start eating Phone Post 3.0

Burger at Au Cheval. Best ever. 

LOL, that thought did cross my mind.

Italian Beef Sandwich

I saw there's an emergency protest somewhere in Chicago because trump won, go join in the fun haha Phone Post 3.0

i've only been to dt chicago once in my life, was in area to see my bro's grad from great lakes naval center....anyways, there's a little adult bookstore down there, i remember it was a stand alone building at the time and from there i believe u can see the huge mural of MJ dunking on the side of a bldg (his restaurant?)..go check it out OP!

Go to wrigley field and read the bricks

Had an awesome day!

I even got to see a Trump Victory Parade on Michigan Ave tonight!

Have an Italian Beef sandwich, it is a Chicago thing. Phone Post 3.0

You could go protest like a crybaby douchebag.

The italian beef sammy was top notch.

I voted Trump. I was happy to see the "parade".

Go to so and so's. Tell then Larry sent you. Phone Post 3.0