Make me laugh. Phone Post 3.0

Yhe one with the guy in thw wheelchair trying to do the loop, I nearly pissed myself. Phone Post 3.0

Wifespowerbottom - Phone Post 3.0
Fuck I love Super Dave Phone Post 3.0

Wifespowerbottom - I watched his cartoon every Saturday before basketball was on. Phone Post 3.0
I remember an episode where he had Liona Boyd on and he gave her shit for resting her hands on the guitar strings. "That'll ruin them " Phone Post 3.0

Blue please

Wifespowerbottom - 
Mookie 3:16 -

Blue please
No Phone Post 3.0

You ass monkey

Do it

Ass monkey

Dit t

Wifespowerbottom - Phone Post 3.0

Holy fack

TongueClipper -
Wifespowerbottom - Phone Post 3.0

Holy fack
Laughing till I cry I in bed! The wife is too young to remember this. Phone Post 3.0