In Hell

If you haven't already you got to check out the movie In Hell. It just came out for rental. It starts Jean Claude Van Damme. When I was a boy I was a huge fan but as time went on that faded. However, still feeling some loyalty I figured I check out his new straight to video flick. I'm figuring lets see if the 40 some year old can still can do the jump spinning kick. Actually, I was totally suprised by the fight scenes in the movie. Huge judo throw, ne waza, and Van Damme gets one guy with an Ude with his legs! I'd say this movie has some of the most realistic fight scenes with in reason. What a surprise considering Van Damme's past movies.

I always liked his movies.

Check this one out then Quincy because I think you'll like the fight scenes.

Hell yeah!

Just got it, gunna watch it tonight..My gf had the bright idea of watching her friends 2 month old for the whole am staying out of the living room at all costs.

Watching other people's colicky kids is possibly the best birth control there is...

I got it today at Blockbuster. You know it's wierd with JCVD I never thought his kicks looked Korean or Japanese but he was a good athelete. I guess he felt he could change with the times? Probably a good thing he did.

Let me know what you guys think after you see it?

I think he trains or has trained in BJJ. Rodrigo Meideros from Carlson's said so in an interview in Grappling

I just saw the movie, I'm with Brad---Great fight scenes. Very realistic and brutal. I love the Harai-Goshi to Kesa Gatame to elbow strikes to the head. Plot is kind of funky but the fight scenes are worth sitting through the movie.

They need to make a Bloodsport I reunion movie with all the original cast members in a more realistic mma setting. With lots of judo throws, slams, flying triangles, broken limbs, and of course all that Frank Dux 10-kick-combo-while-blind stuff. That would be awesome.

Hopefully, they'll hire a better looking actress to play the reporter and she'll get nekkid and we'll get to see HER butt instead of JVD's butt in the film.

This movie is fucked up. I mean it in a good way. Easily the most relistic thing he has done, its a prison film. There are no fancy kicks and it is more beleivable. He gets his ass kicked so much and shows him training with no real experience. It was hard to hid the fact he has good legs but most kicks wer street fighting in style. The DVD special features if you want to call it that are the worst I have ever seen. It was shot with a lot of Russian actors with some Americans as well. The guy who directed it is kind of an unknown. Jean Claude said in the featurette it may be his best film. He just could be right??...

It rocked!!

didnt like the end too much but the rest rocked.

I think I may check it out.

Yeah I do not think they knew what to do with the end of the movie. One of the bad guys in their has been in at least 2 Steven Seagul movies.

I want more Van Damage!

It had a great theme, just fizzled out a bit.Still worth watching and gets ya pumped to a stallone "lock-up" level..

p.s. Steven Segal is a total douche bag actor and his fight scenes are the king of gay.He should never be allowed to make another movie..

The last time I went to a segal movie, it was the one where Ja Rule is in it. My friend asked if I wanted to walk out half way through as Segal continued to mostly just use the mortal combat block as his form of fighting(making an X with his arms and just standing there). I told him "Maybe it will get better." Afterwards I apologized to my friend, hehe.

What I also like about the movie is they do some nice kick catches into throws. He does a nice round leg kicks sweeps on the base leg of the opponent kicking. Reminds me of Sanda or San Shou.

No one mentions that NFL great Lawrence Taylor stars in the film as some prison monk.

What I thought was funny is the part when VD fights his first fight, gets his azz handed to him, and then bites his opponent to death. And after learning that he had killed the guy he screams like a maniac. Even the guards wre hesitant to stop him LMAO!

That first guy that VD fought was good. He did harai makikomi and suplex. Just awesome. Very very MMAish.

VD did another prison film titled Death warrant. nowhere near as realistic.