In Honor of White Racism Day!!


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Ah...bite me. It's been a long day.

Actually, I'm being rather uncleverly sarcastic in response to the "In Honor of Mexican Laziness Day". But you knew that already.

How observant, KKM.


All caught up with my grading. Tomorrow, all of my freshmen and sophomores are taking the state proficiency exam, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense starting a new unit right now. The juniors finished a test on Friday and the timing is all wrong to begin another unit.

They'll survive just fine with a comprehensive 2nd semester worksheet I made for them this weekend.

And for the record, with the exception of the day my daughter was born, this is the first day off I've taken in four years of teaching. I wouldn't normally make this kind of statement, but the administration really pissed me off recently.

In the first semester, a group of "elite" kids skipped school in protest of the state exam results being placed on their transcripts. The district thought it was a good idea as incentive to actually do their best on the test (we've had problems with that in the new "No Child Left Behind" era). The administration dismissed it as students "excercising their right to protest" and offered no disciplinary consequence.

When it came to "Mexican Day", our admins introduced the "zero tolerance" approach...actually hauling all Mexican students in for a stern warning against the now-famous boycott. They're contemplating consequences ranging from a week's detention to actual three-day suspension.


Thought you'd like all the facts before you start labelling me...

I think it'd be even harder to tell the other 23 students: "While you all were gone for activities and protests, the four of us pushed forward into the next unit and you're all going to have to play catchup."

Seeing how I still have all 28 of my sick days that I've aquired in four years, you're being a drama queen here, Mr. Armbar.

Or is it that you just don't like seeing people stick up for Mexican kids?

Actually, I had to stop because all but two of those protesting were in my AP class.

But yes, to answer your question, I honored their right to protest and we were ahead of schedule anyway. I just showed a concept movie to the two kids who were there.

Same as my current kids. We are ahead of schedule and the state exam is coming up, which more or less STOPS the classroom for a good week. A worksheet to get a heads up on the semester final isn't going to kill them.

The timing was right and the motivation was there.

As to whether I "loafed" today...far from it. I worked on the curriculum map for next year's new teacher, attended an instructional taskforce in the district office, looked through five instructional models for this year's summer school courses, and wandered into my classroom a couple of times during the day.

They were doing just fine.

It wasn't the schooling that I was boycotting. It was my way of saying that the school double-standard in enforcing their policy is horse shit. I'm one of the best teachers they have and it got their attention.

Lacrymosa, being mexican is a nationality... if you go to Mexico city you will see plenty of white mexicans. You don't see many white mexican illegals here because they tend to be upper class. I don't think the protesting against mexican illegals has much to do with race or mestizos, but moreso the economic strain illegals impose.

Yes, I think they DID get the full message. We're a smaller district, so you tend to know the faculty and administration very well.

I think they STARTED getting the message when I argued with the them about the policy on Friday.

"Your mission statement pays lipservice to the concept of 'narrowing the educational gap' between English-speaking and English-learning students. By making this double-standard in policy, you're basically telling the Mexican kids that their opinions and concens aren't as valuable as white students."

They refused to acknowledge this discrepency, so on Monday I politely took a personal day to work on other district projects. Message sent.

TF? Moved?

rolls eyes