In Los Cabos for one night, TME

So I'm flying into Los Cabos for a cruise on a Friday night and need to spend a night. What hotels are good and reasonably priced? Are there good restaraunts nearby? Will I be kidnapped? Attacked by cartel? TME! Phone Post 3.0

I live in Cabo.

It is perfectly safe here, probably the safest place in the entire country. Your biggest fear in Cabo is stepping into a hole in the sidewalk or onto a piece of protruding rebar; I can't tell you how many times I've tripped or cut my foot.

As for good hotels and restaurants, there are dozens of both. If you're only here for one night then it might be best just to stay at the Holiday Inn or something like that. I believe the Holiday Inn was just remodelled after being destroyed by hurricane Odile.

You will be catching the cruise ship out of Cabo San Lucas, but you will be flying into the airport in San Jose del Cabo (unless you're taking a fancy private jet, in which case there is a very small chance you will fly into Cabo San Lucas). It takes a little under an hour to drive from the airport to the marina in Cabo San Lucas where the cruise ship terminal is located, and many people don't realize this. A taxi costs around $80-$100 to drive from the airport to marina, but you can take the bus for like $4 if you don't mind. The Holiday Inn is close to Cabo San Lucas and is only a 10-15 minute drive from the cruise ship terminal.

The cruise ships don't dock, they stay in the bay so you have to take a tender boat from the marina.

As for restaurants, the ones in the marina are tourist traps, but not necessarily bad food. Any place that has its menu prices in American dollars is probably a rip off. Gardenia's is a good taco place and is located near the marina, Koi Sushi next to wal-mart is good and you will pass by it driving to the cruise ship terminal, Asi Asado is a good taco place and is located very near the Holiday Inn.

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Finesstera hotel was nice


Squid row for huge shrimpies

FoF excellent advice, VTFU. Thanks to the others too. Phone Post 3.0

Floras farm for lunch or brunch. Edith steakhouse for dinner. Get the lobster bisque and report back.

Every time I hit up cabo I must hit these two places up. Phone Post 3.0

Also, there is the Bisbee fishing tournament going on right now. I saw all the boats go out this morning and will try to be there when they get back this afternoon. I believe the last day for fishing is Friday, so if you are in the marina Friday afternoon - evening you will see them weighing the marlins.

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