In regards ot Kimbo getting another fight

 Why is he automatically assuming it will be him that receives teh second chance?  Couldn't it be one of the other eliminated fighters?  But yet you don't hear a peep from them about getting back in.

 Thank God I get to bang again.

Hiss MMA skills are questionable but his desire and heart are almost unmatched.

 thought I may have missed the announcement from DW, but doesn't seem like there has been confirmation.

Do you really want to see anyone else from Rampage's team get another shot? Many looked worse than him

He will get another fight, it seems that the show is built around him. TUK=The Ultimate Kimbo

He has more heart than any of them that's why he's a good choice. I would pay to see Kimbo any time because I know he WANTS to fight.

^^unless he in on the ground. Then he just lays there like a slug.

 Well, he doesn't (didn't) know what to do. ATT won't let him do that shit anymore.