In the guard!

I perfer my opponant being in my guard..... well with the guys i train with they always do any way. How do i turn them from here and what can i do to hurt him/ make him fall into a armbar or triangle?

lol...boy, this is possibly the broadest question in the history of questions..

so........ got anythin?

What's your experience level? For how long have you trained, what have you trained, etc...?

Why do you prefer to have them in your guard if you canĀ“t sweep, submit or hurt them?

I don't think he knows any sweeps or submission setups.

Find a reputable instructor, or if you don't have one near you, a book or video of basics. Learn the basic strategy of guard fighting and understand it, then work on the techniques (you seem to have at least some idea of what you should be doing though).

By "Turning him" I assume you mean to sweep. There are literally hundreds of possible sweeps or turnovers. Most basic guard instructionals cover a few.

"what can i do to hurt him/ make him fall into a armbar or triangle?" You are referring to a set up. Set ups take more time, and IMO come from hours and hours on the mat. Set ups are really the most important part of the submission. Someone can show you how, but timing is a very important aspect of the set up. Some are obviously more simple than others.

As MitsuyoMaeda said, your question is so broad its hard to answer. There are plenty of archived threads on seeeps and subs that will answer your questions.

If you're just starting out, check out Nathan Leverton's "GU01: The Guard" tapes. There's a review of them here: vr leverton guard 1-2.html


Yeah, definitely check the archieved threads. Also, there are lots of good instructional videos out there that can help. Good luck.

Rhod: Understand that no one is dismissing your question. It's just that whole books and tape series have been done on this and to give you a quick trick here and there would be a disservice to you.

Now, if you are trying a particular technique; and, need help to smooth it out, you will get great answers form these guys.