In The Gym WIth Arvloski

The gym I go to to work Muai Thai/Boxing is moving to the POW camp where Arvloski is training for his upcoming UFC fight... little did I know... My Striking coach... is the same guy that works MMA with Arvloski.. so tonight... Im in the gym with him doing parts of his workout with my coach...

kick ass

Ill get some pics with my camera phone... Im sure he wont care... but I honestly do not own a video camera... sad huh ?


When you see Andrei say "Edi na hooi, svolatch"

It's a formal Russian greeting.

Cant pronounce that bro =/

In Chicago?


"Edi na hooi, svolatch"


Tell him to keep wearing the mouthguard with the fangs, that was simply too cool. He looks like he could be Dracula's cousin.

"Edi na hooi, svolatch"

If you say that to him... may God be with you...

I tried to use a translator to find out what that means... but it wouldnt translate

double post

Im assuming its "Suck my dick, Bitch"

So is chicago where he resides or just trains for fights? I would definately go there to play training dumby.. Let me know who to contact..

How about this: leave him alone and let him do his job.

pashli na hoi?

"How about this: leave him alone and let him do his job."

Me or the other bs? I would probably be a good training partner for the guy.. if you are talking to me.

I'm talking about the guy who isn't part of his training camp but is working out at the same place.

No my trainer made me do my work out at the same time... I didn't have a say in the matter... needless to say... he isn't as big as he looks... matter of fact he is much thinner than I thought... probably 6'3" but he a monster of a cardio man... my session lasted 2:30 and he was still rolling around when I left... he still uses the mouthguard though so no worries... As for the questions and such... he didn't say a whole lot... I think his english is still not toally ironed out... at any rate it was a very good time... look for a very READY Arvloski

God I can't wait to see him at UFC 53!!!!