in the last 3 years, horn has gone

23-2, with his only 2 losses both coming by decision to babalu and arona, who are both top 10 LHWs. included in that last of 23 wins are names such as loiseau, lister, griffin, white, moore, fulton, brink, yvel, and a number of other less-recognizable yet equally tough foreign names. and 15 of his wins have been clean finishes. that is a 65% finishing rate.

now could someone tell me why he isn't in the ufc.

Well, gosh, do you think records and ability MATTER?!


TTT for the UG.


Great ability and a shining record are apparently irrelevent.

Dana White hates J-Ho. He is jealous of his stunning good looks.

why LOL @ BSF? its the only logical explanation.

I suspect Horn slept with someones wife. It's the only logical explanation.

ttt forcause hed beat baroni

horn needs to be there and him not being in the ufc hurts the ufc's credibility IMO.

BSF is alot smarter than he looks.


I think Horn's fight with Tiger White really hurt his chances to be back in the UFC. Dana was at that event and Tiger has been in the UFC since then, but Horn has not and Dana doesn't seem to be planning on bringing him back.

"hurts the UFC's credibility"
Well said. Is it that he won't sign a multi fight deal?

I agree that Horn and Tiger both belong in the UFC.


BSF doesn't make the quote, he makes the quote better.

LMAO @ TimmyH (who needs to get his ass to Canada to catch a show btw)



Tiger hasn't fought in the UFC since is draw with Freeman. I thought that was a great fight! The UFC should bring back Vernon and Horn and have them have a rematch.

Even I can admit Horn defenitely belongs in the ufc! Thats right BZ and JHR even I can say something nice about him he is and excellent fighter and could bang with anyone in UFC....... But I agree with above he should have lost to Vernon(sickenly close fight)...........But I think the Dean fight was an even worse descision..............

The fact that Horn is not in the UFC is down right sad...