In the long run, would 8 years of Hillary been better?

Trump was the boogieman that allowed an over correction of biblical proportions to come from the left. He’s still be used to this day. As much of of pos as Clinton is, maybe we would have gone left but not off the fucking rails destroy the country type of left ? What a shitty thought but I have suspicion it may be true. Obama did a lot the right didn’t like but it wasn’t break the system bad.

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In no way would that have been better. SCOTUS.


Even though they’ve been a big pile of shit the last few years, this…


Didn’t think of that. But it seems like even that won’t matter eventually

I think we had a thing going where one side would get power for awhile, then people naturally hate government so other side would have turn. That’s not where we’re at

The SCOTUS issue is a valid point.

But if Hillary had won in 2016, Trump would be POTUS today. She wouldn’t have survived the political fallout of covid.

At this point I feel like it’s pretty much irrelevant. In fact, I’m not sure Trump didn’t just put our March to socialism into warp speed.

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If the Dems want socialism so bad why didn’t they just chose Bernie as their candidate? He would have put that plan into play full steam ahead. It really feels more like we are on a ship with no one at the helm.

I don’t know about the long term, but obviously she would have been a better leader than trump, who was a ridiculous buffoon, and Biden, who is doddering and it’s only 6 months in.

In retrospect, the DNC blew it by just not letting the Bernie revolution take its course. The HRC matchup is what allowed Trump to win in the first place, and now it will take a long time for the right to recover from the severe Trumptardation they still suffer from.

Because it’s a slow March. That insures much more of a peaceful transition. Bernie was too controversial. But he planted a lot of seeds amongst young people.

Heeyyyy, everything’s freeee, yaaaeee!!!

  • Bernie camp

It’s just that the socialists are not at the helm imo

Biden was a centrist establishment candidate who couldn’t sniff the presidency during his prime. The socialists are loud, but their power within the democratic party is amplified by the right, not because they are very powerful.

Bern’s inability to beat fucking Biden shows he wasn’t close at all. Bern supporters always wanted a socialist, or they are college aged progressives. That bloc has always existed in the party. The only time they had any power was in the sixties when they rode the anti war sentiment imo. They are like a third party, similar to the tea party, not a place you look for party leadership. They don’t even like the party, but in a two party system it’s the lesser of two evils

pun intended?

Bernie had no intention of beating Biden. Half his campaign was him praising “his good friend” Joe. Bernie was there to keep the progressives on board to vote for the DNC’s chosen establishment candidate. And he played along for the $$$$$ like any good capitalist. Good for him for getting that chedder I guess.

Putting on my Alternate Universe wizard hat:

  • On the one issue that will define this era in history (pandemic response), a status quo centrist conciliator does way better than a beleaguered, embattled chaos candidate, so, much better short term.
  • The GOP is embarrassed by the outsider hijacking their party & losing the election for them, so they take steps to ensure that can’t happen again in their primary process.
  • Trump doesn’t take the loss as a sign to give up on his dream, & tries again as a 3rd party candidate.
  • He wins, this time with the disenfranchised middle as his base instead of the alt right.
  • Not being beholden to a mainstream party, he is completely unmoderated & inflicts way more damage.
  • Unable to compete for the center, both parties run extremist candidates. One of them wins.

I dunno; not looking good long term.