In The Mood For Hilarity?

If so, then research the Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church throughout history. The "infalible" conclusions and decisions will either have you laughing or crying.

Also, research the history of many of the "cannonized" saints of the Catholic Church. So, so many of their deeds and actions are anathema to what you probably hold as "saintly" behavior. The biggest injustice, IMHO, is the cannonization of many of the "Inquistors" that were the henchman exorcists of the church in the middle ages. The millions of women, mentally ill, etc. that were murdered via torture labeled witches, devil worshipers, whatever, etc. is sickening.

And while you are in the research mode check out the history of the Popes also.

I am a Catholic because I am Irish, like combat sports, drink beer, was beaten by nuns as I went through school and share life-long comrades from those days. I graduated from a Catholic HS and college, was married in the Church to a Catholic girl, and we sent our first daughter through Catholic grade and high schools. I am not a Catholic because of the philosphies and doctrines of the church.

Ya know what I mean?

IMHO, as screwed up as the history of Catholicism is they still have it all over the unflexible Christians of other denominations of the USA that assert EVERYONE is going to spend an eternity in non-consuming flames unless they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior at some point prior to death.

B, I agree.

How did you pick your screen name? I picture the hall where Beowulf tore Grendal's arm off or the potent "Blood Guards" from the "Thomas Covenant Chronicles" comes to mind. Did you read the the Thomas Covenant Chronicles? Closest thing I ever read to "Lord of the Rings".