In the name of Jesus Anderson will win

bet the house on Anderson, ladies and gents. In the name of Jesus, Anderson will win. if God is for us then who can be against us? Anderson leaves with the belt, period.

Just STFU.

I'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't care who wins. He loves then bothe the same and prolly doesn't want them to fight Phone Post

 Anderson will win. He doesn't need help from your flying spaghetti monster.

I got Vitor, I think the streak comes to an end here. Anderson is getting up there, not looking so unbeatable lately, and people are starting to feel confident now facing him because of that. He is no longer feared.

Vitor.. 1st or 2nd round TKO

Anderson by whatever he wants. Phone Post

Im thinking Vitor, Jones and Franklin will win as well.

MrMaxwell - Anderson's got this. The person to beat him will be a wrestler, Hendo and Chael have showed how.

I saw a puetrid striker in Chael have success standing vs anderson.

So I like Vitors chances

 Jones and Franklin will win, but I'm waiting until CRE picks before I decide on the opposite.......

Exodus - The vitor of old has come to play Anderson is going to be eaten alive. There is no such thing as a unbeatable fighter and at the best card in the history of life this will be proven Vitor, Jones and Franklin will reign supreme at ufc 126 <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

i doubt that

Haysus knows all! Phone Post