In the search of Aiki - Episode 3: BJJ & Internal Martial Arts

IN THE SEARCH OF AIKI - EPISODE 3 IS OUT NOW. In this episode, Björn is discussing his background in the martial arts. He takes us from the mid-eighties learning Judo, Karate and Wing Chun, to the nineties and the early UFC days when he was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He later talks about his internal martial arts training and his experience with his teachers Alex Kostic, Torsten Kanzmeier and Minoru Akuzawa. Furthermore, he also explains the reason he is combing BJJ with internal martial arts training and many other interesting topics. To navigate better, we have made a chapter list, so you can find things pretty quickly.


Episode 4: Training methods to develop Aiki is now online. This is our most in depth video about Aiki yet. We are talking about Fascia, cross lateral connection, relaxation, the power of being playful and many other topics related to internal martial arts but also BJJ and MMA. If you are interested in starting internal training, this will give you some food for thought.