In Tombstone?

What did Ringo mean when he called Doc Holiday Lunger? Doc Holiday says, “I’m your huckleberry and Ringo says, “Alright Lunger.” At least that’s what it sounds like he says. Is that some sort of old west slang?

As in Lung as in tuberculosis


People who had Tuberculosis were called “Lungers”.


Ok, I understand. Thanks! Then he ends up killing that bastard.

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Dial it in!

Have you guys heard the theory that I’ll be your huckleberry, may have originated from “I’ll be your hucklebearer”, meaning I’ll carry your casket. It’s even more of an epic threat if true.
When Johnny Ringo pipes up and Doc hits em with I’ll be your huckleberry, he’s telling him in other words, it’s your funeral


When those two had their verbal duel in Latin……that scene was incredibly accurate and nuanced, which made it SO much more intense.

Spoiler alert you stupid fuckface

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Possibly the best documentary ever made.