In Toronto For Tonight/Tomorrow What To Do???

Was working up here in Canadia eh for a week, decided to spend Friday Saturday night in Toronto before flying back Sunday night. I am staying down by the entertainment district. <br /><br />Last night I got in around midnight from Waterloo. Met a buddy who had a table at the Brant House and got pretty wasted. Got a cab back to my Hotel around 2 AM and was in my elevator going up to the 36th floor with three hockey players with all their bags all matching gear. Me in my zombie state from working 5 days straight 8am to 12 midnight and half lit on top of it asked them if they were in town for the hockey tournament that I had seen advertised all over Waterloo Kitchener... Ya it was three Winnipeg players in town to play the Leafs. They all three looked at the ground when I asked and one said "Nah where in town to play the Leafs". Uncomfortable silence then the elevator dings and as their getting off I say hey good luck and they all say thanks. <br /><br />Making the OG proud!

Come over.  I'll make it worth your while ;)

Where were you working in the loo?  Perimiter? Blackberry?  Come back to Kitchener and watch fights with Cone.

Do you know what Winnipeg players you saw?

Not sure what players I saw, a bunch were signing autographs and cards/posters when I walked by the arena to coras (sp?) to get breakfast.

Actually I heard one say good night Blake because one was going left one was going right and it was a fairly tall dude.