In what order will the current UFC champions lose?

Assuming they stay in the same division (for instance, not including if Silva vacates the belt to drop down).

BW: Dominick Cruz
FW: Jose Aldo
LW: Benson Henderson
WW: Georges St. Pierre
MW: Anderson Silva
LHW: Jon Jones
HW: Junior dos Santos

Most of these guys seem kind of unbeatable (excluding maybe Ben Henderson, who is an incredible fighter in his own right).

My order, Ben Henderson, Junior dos Santos, Jose Aldo, Dominick Cruz, Anderson Silva, Georges St Pierre, Jon Jones.

interesting thread.

bendo, cruz, jds, anderson, gsp, aldo, jones

Bendo Cruz jds gsp Aldo jones Anderson Phone Post

gsp, cruz, jds, bendo, aldo, anderson, jones

Jones to Hendo, Cruz, GSP to Condit, JDS to the Reem

 Jones(To Hendo), JDS (think he loses to Overeem), Bendo (probably to Nate), Cruz (to Barao), GSP (to one of Nick Diaz or Rory), Anderson (I think he retires with the belt), Aldo (dont' see anyone beating him in the next couple of years at least.)

 7 fighters, all ducking eachother

-the ug

Cruz, Bendo, JDS, Anderson, Aldo, GSP, Jones


^^Only ones I see potentially losing to current fighters in their weight class^^

Anderson- Probably retires with belt, though.

Bendo, JDS, Cruz, GSP, Bones (though I think JBJ will get it back and be more dominate than ever).

Aldo will vacate his belt and move up to 55 before he loses it. Andy will retire as champ. Phone Post

Bendo, Jones, JDS, Aldo, GSP, Anderson, Cruz Phone Post

 Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think Aldo could lose in the next year if Edgar moves down.

Methinks GSP loses his next fight. He is pretty much going to have a 2 year layoff and then half to fight the toughest guy in the division without any warmup fight. It is tough enough just having a warmup fight in the UFC after a layoff.

I don't know of a champ who has done this. Too be honest, I am too lazy to look. I just think it would be really difficult.


JoeLauzonPutHisCrotchInMyFaceAndILovedIt - bendo/jones/JDS/cruz/silva/aldo/gsp


I'll say gsp and Cruz. Phone Post

DamnSevern -  7 fighters, all ducking eachother

-the ug

Cruz, Bendo, JDS, Anderson, Aldo, GSP, Jones

GSP, Henderson, Cruz, JDS, Jones, Aldo, Silva.
GSP hasn't fought in like 6 years and doesn't take well to getting hit in the face, LW division too stacked, Cruz cause he's a dork, JDS cause I fear he's too one dimensional (yes I said it), Jones cause he thinks he knows everything already, Aldo is a demon and Silva retires undefeated in ufc Phone Post

OneTesticledMoneyLaunderer - 
JoeLauzonPutHisCrotchInMyFaceAndILovedIt - bendo/jones/JDS/cruz/silva/aldo/gsp


what dont you understan fren? the first 3 will loose their next match up. the others will game plan properly and keep defending.