Inaugural Secret Santa in July!

So here’s the very FIRST Secret Santa in July. Hopefully this is a success and we make this a UG/OG tradition.

Here’s how participate:

  1. Send a PM to me here. Make sure you’re able to receive PM from anyone.

  2. In that email I’ll need your REAL NAME, ADDRESS, and UG Screen Name. If you don’t feel comfortable giving out this info to a fellow UGer/OGer, give me an email address I can forward on to your SS so they can get you a giftcard or something of the sort.

  3. I will then randomly select from the final list who will be a Secret Santa for whom.

  4. There will not be a spending limit but in the past most people sent gifts in the $30 range. Popular gift ideas are Fight Team or MMA themed shirts, Fight DVDs, hats, books, etc.

  5. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT! Once you’ve signed up and sent me an email, come back to this thread and post your wish list along with your SHIRT / HAT / and SHORT SIZES and if there is a DVD or something you’d like to have. That way each Secret Santa can have an idea of what to get for their recipient. This will make it a little less hard to buy for a stranger. DO NOT EMAIL ME YOUR SIZES AND WISH LIST. POST THEM HERE ON THIS THREAD. If you don’t post your wish list and sizes, it’s your own fault if you get a gift that doesn’t fit, etc. Also, posting here will let everyone see who’s playing this year. Note: This is a very simple format. You sign up, you get a name and address, you purchase a gift and mail it or have it sent via the online company you purchased from. The entire process from the minute you get your recipient’s info to the time of purchase could take as little as 15 minutes - if you do everything online. THERE’S NO NEED TO TAKE THREE WEEKS OR THREE MONTHS TO GET THIS DONE. There is no need for anyone to wait beyond July 25th to receive their gift. So, if this is not that simple for you, for any reason, please don’t register.
    Again, if you sign up, Please - Please - Please honor your recipient and do your part. NO EXCUSES, NO MISHAPS. We are all adults… if you sign up, play right. I don’t care about personal issues, work related drama, travel issues or other “life” problems. If you’re dealing with any of these things, DON’T PLAY. IF YOU REGISTER YOU ARE SAYING THAT YOU ARE WILLING AND ABLE TO DO THIS TASK WITHIN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS. So let’s keep the positive vibes going. ONLY REGISTER IF YOU ARE ABLE TO PURCHASE AND SEND A GIFT, WITH NO PROBLEMS.

  6. PM me tracking information so I can forward the info to your recipient.

  7. Post pictures of what you received! The UG App allows us to post pictures. Do it!

REGISTRATION: TODAY MAY 15TH - JUNE 15TH. This is plenty of time to get registered and it will give me time to get everyone their recipient info in time for July 25th.

Thank you for joining and Happy Memorial Day/4th of July(in advance),

UG Secret Santa 8 years running (in 2022)

Est. 2003, SSiJ est. 2023.

PS: If @Kirik or @chris could make this a sticky, that’d make this a lot easier.


Favorite Fighters;
Josh Barnett
Mirko Cro Cop
Guy Mezger
Dan Henderson
Ken Shamrock
Don Frye
Hellboy Hansen
Karolina Kowalkiewicz

Battletech, Berserk, Macross/Robotech are my favorite fiction universes.

Here’s my Amazon SS list for an idea of non MMA and some mma things I like. I’m a Large/XL shirt size.

Can’t you just buy shirts and bobbleheads for yourself without doxxing us ?. .




Tom Cruise What GIF


Any boston sports team- pats, bruins, red sox, celtics
XL for any shirts

Copy of “the anticommunist manifesto” would be cool


Only if troll gifts are allowed lol.

I sent this to a few… As long as one gift is serious, I’m good with gag gifts.

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I’m in, I’m up for anything. I’m a size medium, but I like anything. But in case, I like a lot of outdoor things or desk knick nacks. Just no Red Sox lol, I’m a Yankee fan.

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I recently found out Planned Parenthood gift certificates are a thing. :eyes:

Probably best not to include me lol.

Hell will freeze over before I buy Yankee gear.



I like any AOC apparel. Size large

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You’re a XXXXXXL fatty.

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I’m not a husky fat if that’s what you’re implying!

I got this for spjackson.




If you want to get your ol lady a personalized song, I can do that for ya


If so, I’m in so I can get microbiologynerd a jersey for Boston’s WNBA team.





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I guess no one is interested. Sad