Incident at grappling class last night

So anyway, I've been going to this new grappling class. Turned up like 3 times now or something - anyway, its a pretty small crowd but they are OK.

SO last night I was training and this tiny guy walks in, I mean tiny, I was probably 135lbs wet through. So anyway most of the other guys in this class are between 200-220lbs so he kind of stood out and I get the impression the coach doesnt really have the time for him.

He was decked out in head to toe Gracie JJ gear with tapout patches on his gi and allsorts. When it comes time to roll we get paired up (Im about 180lbs) and I say "At last, someone my size" just to break the ice really.

At this point he damn near screams in my ear "Lets do this!" and then slaps my hands. Not, 'lets start rolling slap' but full on swinging bitch slap. So I just stare at him as if to say WTF.

For the next 4 minutes he then went full out to try and tap me and the best part was he was screaming a narrative to his rolling as we went,


The weird thing was he was pretty much mounted by me or turtling the entire 4 minutes and going red in the face like a bastard.

At the buzzer he said "Well done for keeping going" which again warranted another WTF stare from me.

In 4 years training, thats only the second time its happened but I have to say I enjoyed every second.

Why do people wanna be tough??

I see what you did there...



what faggot country are you and loiseauelbow in where you say well done keeping going?