Increasing Apatite

Besides pot. What can I do to increasing my apatite?

Squat, power cleans, deadlifts

Those 3 big lifts will get you hungry.

Hit 6reps and 5 sets 3x a week. Heavy as you can go. You 'can' push that at 80% of 1RM. You feel WRECKED after the first few sets. Aftr about 6-8x you get use to the volume. Afteer all you are doing 30reps in total at 80% of 1RM.


Doing those lifts will make me want to throw up. After doing them I do get hungry about an hour later. But what about the days when I dont lift?


Well I'm hungry on the days I do them and don't do them.

Just work harder and try to make yourself eat them.

Just make a concious note to yourself to eat. Apart from that I am out of ideas.

Pizza eating contest between you and your friends?


Eat a lot of Chinese food, then wait about a 1/2 hour you'll be hungry again

I would look into aromatherapy. There are oils that suppress apetitie when you smell them, I'm sure there is the opposite too. I smelt a cologne out of the bottle in a department store once that made me instantly hungry.

Eat candy all day. Make sure you get good foods too, but eating a ton of sugar helps.

Why do you want to be hungrier? I assume it's to eat more food right?

Variety is big too. I get so tired of eating can after can of tuna all day.

Any form of HARD EXERCISE pushes my appetite through the roof. The hard I work out, the hungrier I am, but that's just natural. Over time your stomac will expand and you will eat more just for matainence.