Increasing Wireless Range???

I have wireless internet in my house and a laptop equipped to receive it.

I normally receive signal fine except in certain areas of the house.

My question is: is there anything that I can buy for my laptop to increase the range of reception? Or is there anything I can do to increase the range of my router?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys.


Buy an external antenna for your wireless router, or replace the existing antenna(s) with better ones.

Range expander/repeater can also have a huge impact too. A friend of mine (b/c of his house) was getting crappy signals even though he was well within the physical range of what his router should reach. So he got a repeater and set it up on the second floor of his house. He went from being able to see one week signal (his) to being able to see 6 solid/good networks (1 was his 5 were his neighbors). However, I would say that you first try the free options such as adjusting/reorienting your router and its location, because often that can solve a lot of smaller signal problems

thanks guys!