Incredible Pics of Russia vs. USA

Keith Mills took some incredible shots of the action this weekend in Atlantic City...Eiler's flying knee, Clementi/Goliaev showdown....awesome stuff up at

Thank you so much, Fred. Did you see those pics?

Tom DeFazio and Keith Mills BOTH took some excellent shots. Thanks to the guys that do a mostly thankless job, the MMA photogs!

Golyaev must be really good; I know Clementi was extremely hungry.

link please


Those shots are awesome......I bow down.

nice article on fcfighter loretta.


I thought this thread was about my pics with my shoprite disposable found at

Under mma communities...

then ariasg...



thanks for the support everyone.

I have a lot more to write about on the show and that will be out in the next issue of FCF.

I also interviewed six of the Russian fighters for a close-up on the Red Devil team.

Meeting the Russian fighters was truly a wonderful experience.



Is it just me, or is he close to locking out the outside arm while triangling the other? Friggin' sweet!!

You do well for everyone, Loretta... like, at the least, creating this thread!

If Sergey didnt pull a Rizzo and just let Rich get up everytime, it could have been early over for rich..

Fightfan, if you ever train with clementi you know he has a number of variations for any position and submission. We do super light flow rolling alot just to be creative and come up with new things.

THANK YOU! This job can be an incredible roller coaster of ups and downs but it is the response like this that makes it all worthwhile.

In case you want to see the other Red Devil galleries there is for Semenov/Kang and for the rest of the show from St. Petersburg in December while is the whole show from Moscow in October. Also keep an eye out on ADCC News in the next few days for galleries from the rest of the fights from NJ.

Loretta-still praying for the day you team up with me on the road and we conquer the world (literally)!

Keith Mills

Other Red Devil galleries from Keith Mills:Semenov/KangSt. Petersburg in DecemberMoscow in OctoberADCC News

getting good use out of my account (your name shall remain anonymous), haha.