India rejects toilets. Calls them filthy!


India’s Toilet Race Failing as Villages Don’t Use Them

unita’s family in the north Indian village of Mukimpur were given their first toilet in February, one of millions being installed by the government to combat disease. She can’t remember the last time anyone used it.

When nature calls, the 26-year-old single mother and her four children head toward the jungle next to their farm of red and pink roses, to a field of tall grass, flecked with petals, where the 7,000 people of her village go to defecate and exchange gossip.

Only dalits, the lowest Hindu caste, should be exposed to excrement in a closed space, “or city-dwellers who don’t have space to go in the open,” said Sunita, who uses one name, as she washed clothes next to the concrete latrine. “Feces don’t belong under the same roof as where we eat and sleep.”

Sunita’s view reveals one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biggest challenges in combating the world’s biggest sanitation problem, one that costs India 600,000 lives annually from diarrhea and exposes a third of the nation’s women to the risk of rape or sexual assault. With no toilets for half the population, Modi promised to build 5.3 million latrines by the end of his first 100 days in office -- one a second until Aug. 31, according to the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. Without education, they’ll make little difference.





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did that article just state that taking a dump in the open exposes them to risk of rape?

“Feces don’t belong under the same roof as where we eat and sleep.”

So why they don't build a relatively large outhouse separate from the main building on her farm?

The upshot is that they must have really flexible hips, and relatively strong quads and glutes, from all of that ass-to-grass squatting.

Added to the list of places I will not be going to.

They all have bottles of water with them. I guess they use that to wash their the shit off their hands after they wipe themselves. Phone Post 3.0

I can understand the fear of adding a toilet inside of one's home if you aren't used to the concept. But why is it so bad to have a contained latrine in an outhouse, set away from living structures? Is it really preferable to have big areas of the ground just covered in shit? How often do people accidentally step in a big pile?

India, while having the most delicious quinine in the world IMHO, is fucking disgusting. Phone Post 3.0

how the fuck do you even find a place to take a shit when the ground is covered in other peoples shit?

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jason73 - how the fuck do you even find a place to take a shit when the ground is covered in other peoples shit?

You just shit, man.

Ass to the grass squats though.

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For fuck's sake, why did I click on this thread!!?? Now I need to rinse my eyes, and it sure as hell wont be in water from the Ganges River!!

One of the most eye opening things you learn in medical school is just how many diseases are transmitted by the fecal-oral route.

There are quite a few times when someone will put up a graph that has years on the x-axis and average lifespan on the y-axis. The person then points to a spot where the slope increases tremendously, and asks the cause.

The most common guesses are antibiotics, infection control, etc.

The right answer?


No one who successfully completed the first year of medical school would ever leave a bathroom without washing AND using a towel on the door handle (all it takes is one guy with shit particles on his finger to not wash before you and you are screwed).

And yes, it is like banging your head against a brick wall in a lot of these third world shit holes to try to explain to people that you should not shit in the same spot that you take your drinking water from.

Gforce, so how are all these nasty fucks still alive? Do you think they all have developed xmen like immune systems?

Do they even wipe? Phone Post 3.0